Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Week One...Part 2!!!! Yahoo!!!!

Zdravo moy Družino, Hello my family.....
so this is probably taboo...but i found out that after my time runs out i can get on again and it doesnt time me...... I forgot to mention that i already sent a letter on thursday, so if you haven't gotten it yet, wait to read the email until you get the letter. I just went to get pictures printed and i'll get them on friday, so expect them around monday or so. We went to the temple after i sent the first email and we did sealings. they were way cool. well, We have devotional in an hour. Im not sure who's speaking, but it'll be a general authority. I got a package from Jake. It had candy, dr. pepper, root beer and stickers and other missionary stuff. It was pretty cool. I think missionaries like mail because it cements how popular they are to everyone else. Well if you want, it may be easier to use dear elder and then i'll email you back. You type it online and it's free same day delivery to the mtc. So if you want to advertise that on Facebook feel free. I better go cause im not really supposed to be on here, so talk to ya later.

So...as a side note...Phil and I are proud of the fact that we have raised our kids to be strict rule followers (kidding)...but in all seriousness, two e-mails and one letter in one day!!! I take that back, three e-mails. The third asked if we have ordered his other pair of shoes yet. This is what happens when your son wears a size 14...you resort to on-line shopping to find shoes. At some point I may do a post about what it takes to get the kid off on a mission. I had NO idea of the amount of shopping involved, and for someone who who'd almost rather shove bamboo slivers up her fingernails than shop, well, let's just say it was an experience! ~Dore

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