Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Poor, poor kitty.....

December 17, 2012

(Seen at Wal-Mart in Flower Mound, Texas...I mean...who would put this in a stocking???)

Why didn't I get Christmas Tums in my package? It would've been great! Just kidding. 

That bites that you're sick! No fun with that. I hope everyone is better before your trip to Florida. We're traveling to Zagreb on Thursday morning for Christmas conference/party (who are we kidding...it's all party!) All the missionaries are going to be there, so that'll be great. We're gonna have a white elephant gift exchange. So I have to find something after I e-mail this. I'm trying to do a musical number for it. I want to do "Savior, Redeemer of My Soul"...the arrangement by Rob Gardner. I have the arrangement. Elder A was going to play it for me, but he doesn't think he'll be able to in time, so I e-mailed it to Elder C to see what he could do with it. It's a cool arrangement. I'll attach it. We're gonna try and get McDonalds while we're up there too. It'll be great!

Talk about your iPhone, but we're getting new phones here on Thursday! Sure it's just a Nokia 302, but that's got a full keyboard! It's gonna be pretty cool. It's gonna be the same though. It's just an evil little device that always has a person speaking a weird language that's hard to understand on the other end of it. But it'll be cool. 

That's cool about Dexter and the Evil One... (reference to JoJo Kitty) Here's my cat story:  So the other night, I was having an exchange with Elder D, one of the Zone Leaders. Well, we were walking home and a kitten ran across the street, and almost got hit by a car. He stopped right in front of me and he didn't run when I got close, so I bent down to pet it and it started rubbing up against my hand and purring, so I pet it for a second and kept on walking. Well, we were still a few blocks from the apartment, and the kitten started following us. He would run up every drive way, stop and look to see if we were following, and then run back to us. If we stopped walking, he would run in front of us, turn around and just meow at us until we started walking again. It was pretty cute. So then we got home and he followed us up the stairs and tried to follow us in through the door, but we can't have pets as missionaries, so we left him outside. Well, the sisters stopped by a half hour later to pick up some mail that we had for them. So we were talking to them outside, and I saw this little black blur running for the door. I lunged and I caught the kitten just as he was trying to run inside. The little bugger was still just waiting there trying to get in. It was funny. The sisters carried them back to their place and left him outside. There was a tragic end though. I'm pretty sure I saw him dead on the side of the road a couple of days ago. It was the same size and color, and this cat wasn't very good at crossing the road. So ya...Have a happy day!

Snow? Man, it's still just rain and freezing cold wind (obviously not literally  because as stated, we have rain...every day) 

We decorated the church on Saturday with a tree and a bunch of cookies. They are a traditional honey/gingerbread/cinnamon recipe. We made them and decorated them and then hung them from the ceiling. It smells like a giant gingerbread house, which bites when you're fasting. Someone made the comment that maybe it's a fire hazard or something. I just figure that:

So, just 7.5 days until we Skype! I'm excited! So excited! It'll be great. I figured that we can work on specifics next Monday. But it'll be great. It kind of feels like time has flown since May, but sometimes not. It'll be good! 

So on a side note, I've gotten a strange addiction...to a candy mint called After 8's. I don't know if they exist in America, but they are dark chocolate mint patties. Like York, but better. I'm confused by the fact that I like them, but they are great nonetheless. 

I'm glad that you got the puzzle card. I officially have a little bit of faith in the Croatian postal system! I must ask...What was the fabulous idea? The idea of sending something, or the puzzle card, because it was a little strange, but it sure did beat sending a card with a sexual pun in Croatian to your mother for her birthday. 

I better get going. We've got to go and find stuff for the white elephant gift exchange. I want to make sure that you aren't worrying about me. I'm doing well here. 


7.5 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adventures with goat meat?!?

December 10, 2012

Hey family!

I'm doing well! And so far, flu free...So yeah, I was able to give myself my own flu shot and it all went down on video! With the flu shots here, you just order them at the pharmacy and then find someone to administer them. Well, Sis. Tanner is a nurse and was doing everybody's, but I asked if I could do my own, and she said sure. So I did it while she walked me through it with instructions. I wish I could send the video, but the file is too big. I would upload it to YouTube or something, so you could see it, but the church blocks it on these computers. 

So I have a couple of companionship photos on the other computer, but he's on it right now. I'll see what I can do. Got them switched to this computer...so hang tight. I'll start attaching some. Shutterfly is being dumb, so I can't upload them there. Okay...so the first one is me, Elder T, and Elder A  on the ferry going to the island, and then the next two are me and Elder A at the spot where they had baptisms in the sea back in June. 

I that's a good thing that grandpa is doing relatively better. 

I hope you had a good birthday. I'm assuming that you haven't received the letter yet. It should be coming soon then. I sent it around November 30th or something like that.  

I can't believe that you have an iPhone now. That's just weird. Do you actually carry your phone with you now? Sorry...low blow. 

I got thrown under the bus for church yesterday. President P and Elder A were going to talk for sacrament meeting, but then he got called into work...so I had to plan Sacrament meeting in 40 minutes. I just had Elder A and the two sisters speak, and it worked out, but it was still a little stressful. Oh well...I guess that's life in a branch. Always gettin' by by the seat of your pants. 

President P really liked the snake head! I gave it to him early...I couldn't wait. He kept on talking about how cool it was. And he has it on his keychain and shows it to everyone. 

We now have a new baby in the branch! Little (not so little actually....a little over 10 pounds and 22 inches) Little L was born last thursday. I just got a call from President P  that he and B just got home from the hospital and that we can stop by and see him later today. So all is healthy with him. I'll have to take a picture of him so you can see it next week.

I's actually kind of funny. Clothes here still have English phrases on them. People just usually don't know what it says. His daughter was wearing a shirt the other day with something in English on it, and I asked her what it said and she didn't know. 

Tell Mollie that I'm sorry about her having to be on the Psat team. It was so dumb. (don't tell her that part if she's excited about it)...I got a *** originally and then raised it to a ***...So ya, it's a 30 point leap, but it still didn't do anything at all. You have to get around 220 if you want it to do something for you, and even then, it'll only get you into OU, which like in the email, is like being the valedictorian in summer school. Ya...after a few years now, I'm still not over the fact that you made me take that stupid class. What was her original score on it? 

 It's been freaking freezing for the last week or so. It is so cold! My upper half is fine because of the jacket and scarf and sweater and stuff, but my legs freeze. I'm thinking about trying to order some thermals because the wind just cuts right through these dress pants. Our apartment is always freezing...and the church too at the moment. I kid you not... The front part of the apartment isn't insulated and something is up with the drains in the bathroom, so it stinks if we close the window.Therefore, it's always open and the same temperature as outside...and there was ice outside this morning. It snowed almost 2 feet in Zagreb, but nothing here. Oh well. I'll get by. And my fingers are about to fall off. The office at the church doesn't have a heater in it. So I better start hurrying. 

I've had some dreams too before where I've been home or people from home or school have been with me, and I'm still a missionary, but I'm doing normal things. It's really weird.  

So...in other news: I have a big slab of goat meat in my freezer. L, one of the members, gave it to us as a thank you for helping D, his 13 year old son, clean out their storage space in the basement of their building that they acquired. As for the goat steak (is that what you call it?) I already tried some that he made in a gulash. It was pretty good. I was really surprised. I don't really know how to cook the stuff I have, but I figured I'll divide it up and try a few different methods. I get it all because my companion won't touch it. He's not too adventurous with food. His loss....and my gain...my goat meat gain...It just sounds so wrong to talk about eating goat.

Sorry that there's not a ton of news this week, but I've got to go and get gloves on before I mistake my fingers for popsicles and try and eat one of them. 

I love you a bunch and I'm excited for Christmas! I get to email on Christmas eve (pday) and talk on Christmas. It'll be great!

See ya in 14.5 days!


Monday, December 10, 2012

I'm pretty sure he is psycho (second paragraph)....

December 3, 2012


So first of all, Happy Birthday, Mom!...on Saturday....I had to make sure that that was first, that way there's not a chance of me forgetting it. I sent something off for the occasion (nothing too exciting...I'm a missionary) and I hope it'll get there by your birthday, but we'll see, I guess. I hope you have a great day!

Also, I am officially the definition of a man, next to my father of course. I just gave myself my own flu shot...and got it on video. It was so intense. I'm gonna try and send it, but I'm assuming the file is too big. yup...it's too big, but have a couple of cool pics from today! I don't have pictures of myself, but Sister Tanner and Elder A do, and I'll get the pics from them eventually.

So about bananagrams...I think everyone won once. That bites about about being sick! That's a terrible thing which is why I'm getting my flu shot today. Well, and because of the fact that it's been mandated by the mission. I'm still wanting to give it to myself. We'll see what happens. 

Oh man...Testimony meeting...Ya.  The last few months, I've had to bare my testimony because I've been conducting the meeting. But usually missionaries aren't supposed to because it's a time for the members. We have lessons and zone conferences to bare our testimonies. But we've also have had awkward silences at the last few meetings. So lots of quiet reflection time. It doesn't help that at the last testimony meeting we only had 5 people there, plus 4 missionaries.  

 Dad's watch sounds cool! Do you think you can send a picture?

So why did you buy a new Christmas tree? Did the other one loose to many needles? And what do you mean by "de-lighting"? Don't you want lights on a Christmas tree? And just screw the whole thing, if you don't feel like it. And as you guessed, I'm rather indifferent about the ornament situation. Doesn't really matter too much to me. 

Speaking of J, I got an email from him! He seems to be doing well. How could you not be when you're serving in a freakin' ward? But he didn't have too much to say. Just that he's enjoying where he's at, which is good to hear. He's also in actual Salvador, Brazil. 

1.  Did you get your package?
Yup! So....I'm gonna go ahead and give the baby stuff to them today probably because I think tension and stress is mounting about the baby coming, and I think it might be a good way to relieve it...I'll explain more further down.... And I'll save the rest of the stuff for Christmas.

2.  Did you meet with the guy yet whom the sisters referred you to?
We tried. We've been back a few times. We ultimately ended up getting peep-hole rejected (where they just look through the door and walk away. I don't think people realize how much sound they make when they walk up to a door, or how people can see when someone is looking through a peep-hole). I'm hoping that he has roommates who rejected us and he just hasn't been home. I'll keep going back until they open the door and tell us to stop. It took Elder M and me 2 months of doing that until the guy finally answered. It wasn't the best situation because he just gave us the Book of Mormon back and told us to leave, but he finally answered. 

3.  Ummm…why aren't you guys cooking more? Just curious…
Cuz of the 25% tax! Everything in the grocery stores has a 25% sales tax included in the price, which makes things more expensive, so unless you're making sandwiches, It's pretty much cheaper to just order food or eat out. It's so expensive to make things here. I think the cheesecake ended up costing around $20-$25 just to make it. It kind of sucks. 

4.  For Testimony meeting, does everyone speak??  Tiny branch, you know…answered above in the related section....

5.  What American things would you like included in your next package?  (That will probably go out sometime in January) 
Maybe some good hot chocolate (I know that sounds weird for me, but someone else had some, and it was super good). It doesn't exist here. Some restaurants have it, but it's literally melted chocolate that they heat up. So maybe some good French vanilla stuff or something. I can't think of anything else that I wish I had as of late. 

6.  How was conference?
It was good! It all ended up working out!   We woke up at 4, it was nasty...especially this morning when we realized we didn't change the alarm.... So we got to Zagreb, and had the meeting! 

It was really good. The district president and a few other members spoke, and then Sister and President Rowe spoke. It was really cool. I think the most exciting thing about it was that our Melchizedek Priesthood rate in the branch just increased by 50% yesterday! Now we have 3 priesthood holders! D K who is 22, became an Elder yesterday! He also received his mission call to the California, Anaheim mission! He leaves in April. So Croatia will have a missionary out! It's so great. We're going to be starting mission prep classes with him soon. So I got to stand in on his ordination (and for a member from the Varaždin branch). That was cool. We also had a good lunch afterwards with chicken, all sorts of bread and pasta salads, and different types of burek. Unfortunately, I got the slim pickings because of the ordinations, but oh well. 

it was really cool to see all of my friends in other branches, and the missionaries too. I got to see most of the Karlovac members, and people from Zagreb that I've met from doing a few exchanges there. It's cool to talk to the Karlovac members and actually understand what they're saying and be able to carry on a conversation with them. It's crazy how much easier they are to understand 5 months later. It kind of blows my mind. 

Another cool part was President Rowe's talk. He relayed a story that Elder Rasband told in Sarajevo. He told the story of Elijah about how he was so discouraged and was so down hearted because of the people and the hardness of their hearts that he just retreated and prayed to die. He was then blessed with food that sustained him, but he still felt discouraged. He then went on to tell about how he went to hide in the cave because people were searching to kill him. While he was in the cave, Heavenly Father asked, "what are you doing, as my chosen servant prophet, hiding in a cave?" And Elijah answered that no good people remained, everyone that was left was evil, and they wanted to kill him. So that's when Heavenly Father told him that there were 7000 righteous people left and that he just needed to leave and find them. But even then, Elijah didn't have the courage to leave. And an earthquake came, fire came, among other things, and Elijah still wouldn't leave the cave. But finally, through the enticings of the spirit, Elijah left the cave, and found the pure in heart.  It was then related to our situation. Everyday, it's hard to believe that there are prepared people out in the world when we are constantly getting rejected, but the Lord has prepared people that we need to find, and if we hide in our apartments (our caves) all day, we'll never find them, even if they are right outside. So we have to have courage and have faith in the Lord that we will be led to people who will receive us. It's kind of a cool analogy. It was pretty much given with the intent of helping the members realize that others around them will accept the gospel. And there's a goal here to have a stake by 2020, which would require 5 wards with 150 members each, so 750 members, but there are more than that. There are 7000 people. There are enough for 7 stakes, metaphorically speaking. But ya, it was a cool analogy. 

So I think that's it for district conference. So this last week, I spent time listening/watching the conference DVD's, and it's weird how conference suddenly becomes enjoyable when you're a missionary, because it was not something I recall enjoying before. But the talks were really good. I really liked Elder Holland's about the apostles and returning to the nets. It kind of made me reflect on what's gonna happen in a year when I get home. It made me think about how a mission is more than just a 2 year period in which you live like a monk and shun the outside world, and then -bam- it's over and you go back to whatever was going on before, and that's the end of it. It's just a sentence that you serve and then you go back to normal life. There are certain aspects that you leave behind that you are never supposed to go back to. A mission is supposed kind of open your eyes to things that were happening before, which can be done better, or even left behind completely. It's kind of a new way of looking at it. And I've been thinking about which things I would give up or change forever, and I haven't really thought of anything huge, but it's kind of a cool thing to think about. And the thought of keeping some of the things from the mission with me forever, doesn't really sound appealing or easy, but I figured that the atonement wasn't much of a party for Christ, and that's just how life is...or at least ought to be. Not always easy and enjoyable. But the trick is finding the things that are hard and difficult, and finding a way to make it easy and enjoyable. ..........Sorry...kind of rambling there. Hope it made sense. If you don't understand the reference, http://www.lds.org/general-conference/2012/10/the-first-great-commandment?lang=eng ... I hope this makes it more understandable.

So about the baby stress and giving them the baby stuff now.  I think it might be better to give them something to lift their spirits a bit.... He said that he was just scared to death that something was going to be wrong with his son, but we told him that everything was going to be okay. So just keep them in your prayers this week. The baby should come in the next few days. 

So a cool story that we're still in the middle of just to end this email...So Zadar is a wet mess right now. It pours almost every day, and every night. It's like I'm living in Washington. Well we've gotten caught out in it almost every day for the last week. So a few nights back it was getting bad while tracting, so we ran for the post office and were hiding from the rain under the overhang there. So we were trying to define a course of action so we could avoid wandering around in the rain. While we were there, a young guy came up to us and asked us something in Croatian, but we couldn't hear him over the rain and thunder, so we asked him to repeat himself, after which he asked where we were from and we told him America. He then said, "Oh! I'm L," and threw out his hand and we talked for a few minutes. We found out that he's in Gymnasium (high school) and is studying photography. We told him that we have English classes, but he said that he was satisfied with his English. So he ended up having to leave, but we gave him our number for if he ever wanted to meet up and talk. So he left, and that was the end of it. Well, we were on the bus yesterday, and we got off at the break to use the restroom (it takes a break about 2 hours into the drive every time). Well we were walking back to the bus, when we heard a voice yell "Hey, guys!" We turned around and it was Luka. We were pretty surprised to see him, so then we talked a little about what we had been doing in Zagreb. So then we got back on the bus, and that was the end of it again. So I was kind of sitting there, wondering what I could have said, because one thing I've learned on my mission is that there's no such thing as a "coincidence." So I couldn't think of what we could have said to him to change things...like making him interested in meeting with us for anything. So it was a little disappointing. So we just sat there for another hour. Well, when we got into town, the bus stopped by our apartment to let some one off instead of going all the way to the station. So when we saw that we were stopping, we grabbed our stuff and ran to the front of the bus. Well, the bus driver was being a tool and ignored me when I yelled for him to wait from the back of the bus, so we ran to the front of the bus, but he shut the doors and kept on driving. Well I then heard a voice from behind me say, "Don't worry. There's a bus to Stanovi (the part of town where we live)" and it was Luka. We told him thanks, and then he surprised me by saying, "So what days did you say you have English class? Tuesdays and Thursdays, right?" I said "Ya, but those are beginner classes, and you're way above that." So he kind of sounded discouraged, and I told him that we could meet one on one, or he could bring friends that knew a bit of English too and that we could schedule a time. He then mentioned that he's been in the middle of writing some essays and said that he could use some help with grammar and that he wanted to meet sometime. He said that he would call us tomorrow, so sometime today! Isn't that crazy? It's another one of those situations where it seems like a coincidence, but I'm not that naive. It's crazy to see what led us to be in those situations at the right time. It still blows my mind. But that's my exciting story for the week!

So I best be going. The Tanners are here for p-day, so we're going to have lunch with them and the sisters (can only do that if there's a senior couple) and then the Tanners are taking us to the island to go see Krešimir Čosić's place there that he used to own (obviously before he died)...I don't know how to describe the place...It translates to court...It's a mansion that he owned on the island when he was alive. So that'll be super cool. 

I love you all a bunch and hope you have a good week. Tell Grandpa Tom that I wish him a happy late birthday. I remembered that it was on Tuesday on Monday night, and by that time it was too late to do anything!


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Thanksgiving and teaching English to a deaf man...



Wow! The kids are getting huge! B wasn't even crawling when I left, and L's hair is so long! The boys still look the same, except bigger and slightly older of course.... They still look like trouble ;).

That's so crazy that J  T and G  are both back home now! I guess missions do eventually end......Just kidding. Well kind of. I enjoy where I'm at, but it still kind of has an "it's going to last forever" feel to it. Which is okay for the moment. The thought of having to go back to normal life and worry about making choices that will affect the rest of my life is slightly terrifying. So the mission is a bit of a real life cop-out at the moment, but that's okay, I think. I think the craziest thing so far is that this thing (the mission) that I though would never end is almost half-way over. That's just nuts. If the second half goes by as fast as the first half, I'm gonna have to start frenzy-ing for the brakes.

 President Rowe was saying that the call letters now call people to the Adriatic North Mission either speaking Slovene or BCS (Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian)....which I guess doesn't mean much...because we all know just how solid that language part is, don't we.....I promise I'm not bitter. It used to be that you got called speaking Slovene, Croatian, or Serbian, but now there are just two possibilities. Which means that those serving in Croatia, Serbia, and Bosnia switch around a lot more....which the police departments don't really like because we are constantly changing visas and they don't understand the reasoning behind it.  

 I hope that Thanksgiving went well for all of you. We had a great day last Wednesday. Last Tuesday I decided that I was going to make a cheesecake for Thanksgiving, because you know it wouldn't be thanksgiving without a cheesecake. So I decided to make an Oreo cheesecake (put both of the traditions together, you know). So I made one, but the crust to cake ratio was off and I ended up making a cheese pie. So I figured that I would make another layer and stack them. I thought I had a stroke of ingenuity;  I had never heard of a double layer cheesecake before.....But of course, there's a reason why...because it's a terribly stupid idea. When you layer cakes, you just flip it out of the pan and stack it...well when you have two layers with pre-defined bottoms (the crust of course), it becomes just about impossible to stack without destroying one of the layers....and it's just way too much sugar after you stack it. It ended up all right though. Everyone said that it was good. 

So we had thanksgiving with the Tanners, who are pretty much the coolest senior couple ever. He's the branch president up the coast in Rijeka, but they used to live in Zadar and they still have an apartment and come every other week or so. Well, they came the night before and picked us up at 11:00 am. So we and the sisters went to their apartment...in p-day clothes (it's weird how I feel more comfortable in dress clothes now)....and helped prepare more food. We made stuffing, mashed potatoes, seasoned the turkey and chicken, made some sweet potato dish (I didn't eat it...and I resisted every urge to make puns about how "yam" hot the pan was and stuff....), and rolls. It was so good. So by the time we finished preparing everything it was time to eat. So it was the 6 of us and   D  (President P's brother in law that just turned in his mission papers...he's 22). So we all ate. Then afterwards, Elder A, the sisters, sister Tanner, and I all played Banana grams. It was a lot of fun. We then got back to our apartment, changed, and then completed the hardest night of tracting ever. Imagine being "Thanksgiving full and tired" and then going out to walk around the town, climbing stairs, and knocking doors....I thought I was going to fall over and just sleep on the sidewalk. I slept well that night. It was a lot of fun. 

 1.  How was your Thanksgiving?  What meat did you guys have?
Answered above...turkey and chicken. It was so good!
2.  Any new people to teach?
We got a cool referral from the sisters, and they told him that their friends who are guys would be coming by and he was okay with it, but he hasn't been home when we've been by yet. We also met a cool guy named Ž while we were tracting after Thanksgiving dinner, and he said to come by again sometime this week. 

The coolest guy though is one of our new English students. So here's the deal. We are attempting to teach English to a deaf man. It's pretty difficult. He's super cool though. He's in his early 20's, and I'm not quite sure what his name is. I asked him, he told me, and I repeated it back because I wasn't sure and he said that what I said was correct, but what I said was T, which in English means plates...like plates that you eat on...So it might be his name.  But he has a hearing aid in one ear that actually attaches to something in his skull and he can hear when people are talking, but he can't distinguish what people are saying. He just realizes when somebody is saying something, and then he turns and lip-reads. I don't get how he does it, because I feel like Croats don't move their lips a whole lot when they talk. I've tried to lip read and it just doesn't work. So ya. We have to face him when we talk, go slowly, and then try our hardest to follow his hand motions and try and distinguish what he's saying. It's so difficult to understand. It makes me feel like a genius when talking to anybody else because they are a lot easier to understand. But he's super cool and a really happy guy. Super nice. He knows a few words, and right now we are trying to teach him how to read pronunciation guides in the dictionary, that way he can figure out how to read and pronounce the words he's reading in the dictionary. It's a bit of an interesting experience. Teaching English to a deaf guy....

Oh man... I hope Elder B still has an upbeat attitude. The poor guy is in Belgrade now. But he's with Elder M, and they'll get along great with each other. I talked to him on the phone before he left and said that they weren't allowed to gossip about me and talk about how miserable it was for both of them when they served with me. We'll see what happens...see if they talk to me at the mission Christmas party coming up....

So just a quick bit: I hit my squalor limit this last week and went on a cleaning frenzy in the apartment. The mold on the walls is bad enough without us adding to the mess...(Duško, the landlord, has a leaky roof and his solution to the mold all around the top of the walls is just painting over it...so its a bit of a problem...we're in the market for a new apartment....the office approved us for a move) So it was clean enough to take pictures to send to you, but Shutterfly won't let me upload today, so maybe next week. I also took pictures of the Christmas decorations I put up last night. I found a Christmas tree and a bag of decorations behind a cabinet in the storage room (the bedroom that we don't use). You know how I told you every apartment has a Christmas tree because moms always think the missionaries want them, but everyone already has one because it was left by the missionary who received one the year before, so they increase exponentially every year...I set it up and everything. I'm attaching a picture of it...We'll see if it'll go. 

 So we have district conference this Sunday-pretty much stake conference- so we get to make the Zadar to Zagreb trip again...nasty...but oh well. It's kind of funny. None of the members here can afford to go on their own, because it's about $40 each way for each person by bus, but we don't have money for them to go, so it might just be the missionaries from Zadar that are going. The mission can't pay because the area won't reimburse it in Germany, because they said that you can't pay people to go to church, but these members don't have enough money to get there on their own. So President Rowe was trying to pull some strings, and the latest news is that the Area might give us money for it. Meanwhile, we have members that really want to go, but we can't give them a definite answer. It's a bit of a mess at the moment. Oh well. I just have to hold out another week, until it's passed, because then it definitely won’t be an issue anymore. 

I'm trying to think of what else to tell you....Everything is going well here. Hopefully everything will continue that way! I hope all is well with all of you back home! Less than a month until Christmas!!!! Isn't that crazy?