Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The only feminine thing he'll have contact with for 2 years

So, about a month ago I asked P.J. what he thought he would miss most about the states when he went to Slovenia. His answer kind of surprised me. He said he would miss Little Debbie snacks. Yes, you read that right, Little Debbie. WHAT?!? Not even Hostess...I think he once told me he would absolutely love to have a ton of Little Debbie snacks that he could eat as much as he wanted (gluttony in its finest form). Today the girls and I made his dream come true. We went to Wal-Mart and spent $10.00 on Little Debbie snacks (Zebra cakes, caramel bars, honey buns, etc.). By the way...$10.00 that cost $14.00 to ship. It wasn't until after we shipped a whole box of diabetic coma-inducing goodness that I realized that if I were a pro at this whole blogging thing, I definitely would've taken a picture of the loot because honestly, it looked pretty funny. See, most elders receive homemade cookies from home but homemade cookies aren't usually his thing. So, off went the box stuffed to the brim. P.J. is not a rationing sort of guy. If he treats it like he does his Christmas Stocking or Easter baskets, then he's going to be one sick boy in the MTC.


  1. follett family having fun keeping up with elder quinn! sounds like he is doing great, and what a blessing for your whole family! miss you guys! thanks for sharing with those of us who are far away!

  2. Thanks!!! He is doing fabulous...thanks for keeping tabs on him! We miss the Follett family and hope all of you are doing well. Pretty scary to see these kids getting this old, isn't it?? :) ~Dore