Wednesday, January 11, 2012

...and he's off!!!

Well...He is officially off on the mission! His day began at 3:00 a.m., which isn't technically accurate because it really was a run-on from the previous day. All total, P.J. got about 1 hour of sleep. All of us ranged from 0 (his dad) to 4 hours of sleep. But, believe it or not, he was able to get two whole years of stuff in one big suitcase and two little cases (thanks to vacuum bags). He was even able to pack his queen-sized comforter in the suitcase which will come in handy because twin beds aren't made for 6'1'' bodies. This way he can wrap his feet in the blanket as they are hanging off the end of the bed (lesson learned in college).
~Doesn't he look sharp and so missionary-ish?? ~

I do think he will most likely win some award for the missionary with the most ties as he packed around 15 (including one with pigs and one with vultures-he wouldn't part with the tobasco tie...). Being the consummate shoe hound, it was a sacrifice for him to only pack one pair of athletic shoes, his Vibrams (or lizard shoes as I call them), and one pair of dress shoes. It all fit and was well within the weight limit!

At the airport the ticket lady knew right off the bat he was a missionary! She was nice and helpful and happened to be in one of the Euless wards.

Moms love these types of pictures when no one is actually pinching or squeezing each other!

We were informed for the whole week leading up to his departure that, "If you can't keep from crying at the airport, you can't go!" We give many thanks to the kind lady who took the next picture for us.

~Yes... we are stunning at 4 a.m. ~

So, despite the fact that we are not a family of criers (well, most of us...), P.J.'s rule went out the window. I thought it was kind of funny to see people in the security line try to not look at our family because some of them started tearing up when they were watching us. I (Dore) even got a hug from the nice lady who took our family picture then told us she would be praying for us. That was after she asked if P.J. was our BROTHER!!!! Ha! P.J. hates when that happens.

And so, off he went through security (holding his pillow) and into the mission field. Oh...a shout-out to the Chicken E folks...did anyone notice he departed wearing his Chicken E tie? :)

So some info about this blog... We will be posting his weekly e-mails home. If you have any questions, feel free to post them and I will do my best to ask him and answer them on this blog. He can still receive regular mail and would love to hear from any of you. This blog is a testament of his faith because the fact that I (his mom) am maintaining it kind of scares him. I think I will do a post soon about what a mission is because I know some people have been curious.

We are excited for him and the adventures he will be having over the next two years as he serves the Lord and the people of Slovenia. As his parents, we are truly at peace about where he is and what he is doing. When he was a little little kid, we used to say to each other that if P.J. chose to be good, he would be very, very good...but if he chose to be bad, we would be in serious trouble. All I can say is.... WHEW!!!!

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