Thursday, May 31, 2012

Terrorizing children and playing on tanks!


~Such a "guy thing" (climbing on a tank)~

~A bit of a a mother, I found this picture (which came on Memorial Day), to be rather poignant because I thought of all the moms whose sons/daughters are actually operating real ones that are not in the yard of a museum.  I can't imagine what they go through every day while praying for the safety of their children, and the anxiety associated with hoping and praying they each come home safely. I admire those sons and daughters, and their equally strong mothers and fathers.  I can't imagine my son having real guns aimed at him with real bullets coming in his direction.  I am grateful that I do not need to worry about P.J.'s safety. This picture reminded me strongly how much I have to be grateful for, and how thankful I am that he is serving a mission.~  

~This photo is of the remnants of a Serbian plane that was shot down.  Karlovac (where P.J. is serving) was a front-line location for a war that happened just a few short years ago.  These people have been through a lot.~

Well, to start things off, sorry that you have to go to boring of a place. But the idea of having an iPad sounds super awesome. I’m a little technology hungry.... I'm not sure how much I’ll be able to send today because there's a herd of Croat teenagers behind me waiting for me to get off and they might hold me down and choke me with the cigarettes in their fanny packs if I don't hurry.

I'm excited for the package. I bet it smells like freedom and soap and shampoo....and not like buckets of cologne to try and mask your stink....and tobacco free.....hopefully. That would be bad if I got a smoking habit from my mother. And it won’t be a problem what's in it. The office people are way cool. It's President and Sister Rowe, the Erwins, and then maybe Sister Rowe Sr. and Sister Turner. They're all way cool.

1.  Do you ever get discouraged over there?
Not too much so far. The most obnoxious thing is when you have a nice busy, full day planned out the night before and then everybody, hour after hour, cancels on you or just doesn't show up. That's a little frustrating, but you just have to remember that disappointment is an event, discouragement is a choice (compliments of Brat J in the MTC)
 2.  Are you ready for new scenery?
A little bit. Karlovac is cool and all, but it's small and I’ve seen everything after almost 3 months, but I have to be careful what I wish for because I could be banished to Serbia.
3. We need new pictures of you?  Not a question…but since I have your attention, I decided to throw that in and put in a question mark to make it legit.
Uh...well that probably means I need to take some. I don't have a whole lot of pictures of myself, but I’ll look on other people's cameras and see what I can find.
4.  Have you had an interview (individually) with your mission pres.?
When I first got here, half way through last transfer and the beginning of this transfer. Pretty much just about how everything’s going. 
5.  How is the language coming?  Are you fluent?  'Cause it didn't take you long to get fluent in German, you know.
Psh....I don't really remember my German anymore. It's been replaced by Sloverbation (Slovene/Croatian/Serbian....sounds bad....compliments of Elder K*** for coming up with that one). But it's coming slowly but surely. It's weird how sometimes I'm starting to think in it first. It's rare, but it happens.....
 6.  Any insight yet into why the Lord sent you to Croatia?
Ehhhh....not quite yet. I mean it hasn't been anywhere close to miserable yet, but there hasn't been any major revelations or anything yet. But it's not like I'm questioning it either.
7.  Do you need anything?
Not that I know of. I'm chugging along getting by.

It's so weird to think I’m gonna be 20. I’m getting so old!...and gross.....

So just a couple of funny stories and then I have to go....a woman that has harassed us in the past that we think is a prostitute just walked gotta hurry.

So the other day we were tracting and some little kids started asking us what we were so we told them that we were missionaries from America. They started asking us how to say random words in English, so we were entertaining them and just talking for a few minutes. So everything was going all right, but then a girl about 6 or 7 years old started making fun of Elder B**** for not being able to roll his "r's" like a native Croat would. So she started correcting him and laughing. So he bent down to her level (almost over her) and said super fast in Croatian, "I apologize if I can't speak Croatian. But can you speak English? I think not...So see ya...bye bye." Her eyes got really big and she new she just got called out. It was so funny. If anyone harasses us here by mockingly speaking English to us (mostly kids) we just have to make fun of their English and they shut up real fast (grammatically incorrect on purpose). We don’t usually do it, but it's fun.

Then another story from last night. Some little kids kept on bothering us while we were standing outside of the other Elders’ apartment to plan what we were going to do for p day. So we were just ignoring them, but then they kept on getting closer and hiding behind trees trying to spy on us and just annoy us. So we ignored them and let them get really close (they were hiding behind the tree right behind us). They didn't think we noticed them....but we quietly counted to three and just turned around and charged the tree while yelling. They were so scared! They all screamed like little girls. All of them were like 5 or 6 and there were 5 of them. They all screamed and started running backwards, and then a couple of them tripped and fell on the ground and started scrambling on the ground trying to get away. I died; it was so funny.

 So ya...just a couple of good stories from this last week. Also, a day this last week I went to a medieval fair that trumps the one in Waxahachie. It was at the castle. And they had the castle open for it so I got to go inside. It was awesome. A bunch of people in costumes, people shooting archery, people selling little crafts in booths, tons of people drinking beer from wooden mugs, etc.... It was way cool. I got some pictures but I don't have a ton of time to upload today, so maybe next time.

Well, it was great to hear from you. Sorry this email is a little the skank lady/prostitute's clothes...the one waiting for the computer.....sorry... a little harsh. Oh, well.

So I think that's about it for this week. Have a great week. I'm excited for the package!
Love you all!

P.S. Some pictures from the homeland war museum we went to a little outside of town. The wreckage is a Serbian plane they shot down....pretty awesome, huh?

Monday, May 21, 2012


Hello to my family!!!!!!!!!

So these emails this week all had a ton of news, just because I learned so sarcasm.  

So ya....ugh...J*** and the collarbone sends shivers down my spine....body's aching all the time...too late... (Babylon! Get out of my head, right? ;))  [In reference to his friend, who is serving a mission in Portland, Oregon, who ran into a car while riding his bike and broke his collarbone  -P.J.'s broken his 3 times and knows the pain well.]

And thanks for turning my dad (your husband) into a gay man....I'm a little embarrassed. But ya...I don't know if I’d go around bragging about the whole experience.  [In reference to his parents getting pedicures...It's a life-changing experience, I tell you...go try it....REALLY!]

1. They would probably need a cheese grater on my feet . They are constantly peeling in some spots, blisters in other spots, and then giant callouses in the spots where other blisters used to be....It's pretty much a foot party all the time.

2. I know how awesome the wax is! When I got my haircut at the boardroom with the gift certificate (the $50 haircut) from work for Christmas, they did a parafin   hand wax dip....the same stuff they did on your feet. Wasn't it amazing? I don't even use the word "amazing", yet I still just did. It was that good. 

It sounds like it was a pretty good experience for you though. But ya, I'm not sure if I can picture you with painted nails...weird.

So I definitely did not know that M***** was even pregnant, but that's cool. Number 9...good luck to them. And I also had no idea that C*** was in Tennessee. I was assuming that he was in Argentina. I didn't even know that he was getting held up on Visa stuff. That's the cool thing about Croatia. You can come without a visa. Speaking of Visa's...guess who still doesn't have one and has until June 10th until he's illegal in the country of Croatia and has the chance of getting kicked out. Ready to make your guesses? ME!!!!!!!! don't freak out. I'm hoping I get it in time. But since I was going to be going to Slovenia, I had all of my stuff in Slovene, but I need it in Hrvatski...So V, our attorney in Zagreb that the church uses, is supposed to translate my paperwork, but she took forever to get a hold of. So hopefully it will get done. If not, I still have 3 other countries in the mission that I could get banished to if things don't get taken care of ;). Doesn't that sound like me? Uh.... I can put it off....things will work out.....I still have a couple of weeks.....who cares.....So…

Please tell me that you punched that Wal-Mart guy in the throat and said, "only knuckle sandwiches, buddy!" Okay...maybe not the line because it's way cheesy, but I hope you at least punched him. "Lean pockets.... Looks like somebody is taking care of their figure....or something like that" [In reference to an obnoxious checker who commented on the deli meat I was buying by saying, "Wow...Looks like someone at your house is a professional sandwich maker."  Pet Peeve of mine...checkers commenting on my purchases]

Ya. I'm excited for the box to see what it is. And Little Debbie, I can go without. I haven't had much of a sweet tooth lately, anyways.  
1.  How goes the teaching?
 It's going all right right now. We had an investigator return, A***, that hasn't been meeting with missionaries for like 6 months. Some ding dongs offended her and she stopped meeting, but we ran into her on the street, and said that we would like to meet with her. (Elder B**** recognized her) She agreed. She likes to talk a lot. She's older, of course, but she's way nice and she loves coming to church. She came to church for like 6 weeks before she stopped coming, so all of the branch members (well like the 13 that showed up was a low number week for church) were excited to see her and they all remembered her.
2.  What do you do in English class (and don't answer, "Teach English")
Elder B**** and Elder K**** created a curriculum for a 12 week program where we introduce different vocab words and a grammar or tense concept and we just spend the hour teaching that every week. But we kind of stopped English class. The first week they did it, before I was here, a bunch of people showed up, then they started decreasing. For a while we had 3 solid people coming every week, but they stopped coming a few weeks back, so English class is about to stop for the next little while. 
3.  How was Slovenia?
The meeting was way cool. Elder Teixeira from the Europe area presidency came and taught us and talked about not limiting our abilities through doubt and we also talked about trying to get more referrals from investigators and members because we can be a lot more efficient that way. And we talked about using the Book of Mormon as a street contacting tool, so we spent time doing that the last few days.....After the meeting we went to the Burger King in Ljubljana. It was so good! It was weird to see prices in euros though. I’m used to high numbers like 30-40 for most meal prices, but with the euro it was like 5, so it looked deceivingly cheap. The drive back was cool. We took a drive over the mountains into Karlovac instead of going over to Zagreb and then south to Karlovac. It was super green and half the drive was through forests on mountain roads.
4.  What do you eat for breakfast?
Eh...depends on the day. Sometimes I don't because I don’t like breakfast, but sometimes I have bread and a flavored cream cheese that's really good. I get the vegetable flavor...but it doesn't really taste like vegetables. Or sometimes I just have corn flakes. Just depends on the day.
5.  You haven't slapped any old people yet, have you?
Not yet. that's all I’m going to say. :)
6.  I'm still finding your black socks in the oddest places (not a question, but it popped into my mind just now). They have a mind of their own and an agenda to go with it.'re right. That really wasn't much of a question, but oh well.....
7.  Are you happy?
So far, so good. Yes, I'm happy. It's quite enjoyable over here, and we are able to keep ourselves busy. Our members are the best here in Karlovac and our investigators are great too. 
8.  Is it hard for you to follow the rules?
Not usually. The hardest one is probably getting up in the morning. It's so rough to get up sometimes, but we do. We had a lesson the other day with some guy that kept on trying to get the two of us to drink his Croatian moonshine, but we wouldn't do it. He asked us why and we told him that we weren't allowed. He told us that he wouldn't tell anyone and a little wouldn't hurt, but we didn't budge.  He really wanted us to try his stuff. I smelled it and almost died. Just the smell was like rubbing alcohol on steroids. It cleared my sinuses. I don't know how anyone could drink it....ugh.

I love you guys so much and wish I had time to tell you more, but I'm kind of running out of things to say, and running out of time as well. It's getting a little bit harder to email, because less and less seems out of the ordinary. So I kind of have to rely on your questions to make things interesting. Best of luck in all of your endeavors this next week.

Until next Monday,

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day....Yipee!!!!

Dore typing here.....

So yesterday was Mother's Day in the U.S., and this year it had a totally different meaning to me than any other year.  Usually I consider Mother's Day a success if we can get through it without having to referee any fights/arguments between the kids.  This year Mother's Day took on a different meaning.  I think it's fair to say that even though we are happy that P.J. is serving a mission, and yes, we are so very proud of him, NO ONE prepared me for the brutal beating my emotions would take having him on a mission.  It's not about  him being in a foreign country vs. state-side.  It's all about not being able to be in daily contact.  You see...this kid could be one state away and I would still feel this way. can understand the anticipation that we all felt with Mother's Day coming because it is one of the two times a year he is allowed to call/Skype home.  HOORAY!!!!  

First off, let me give a shout-out to the Higbees (the senior couple serving in the same town as P.J.) for having a lap-top computer that allowed the elders there to Skype their families.  There is just something special about being able to see your kid's face, hear his voice, and see him live with missionary tags on.  How did moms do this ten to fifteen years ago??  Anyways, I hope the Higbees know how much I appreciate them.  Here in the states we take for granted that having a computer readily accessible is a blessing.  From what I understand, where P.J. is, the majority of people do not own computers and there are only two places in town where one may access the computer.  The Higbees deserve a high-five.

P.J. skyped us at 9:30 am our time.  It was awesome.  He had an hour so we talked and talked and talked. Highlights:
  • He is happy there.
  • He is doing well with the language and studying the language, even though he wouldn't really speak it for us except for a phrase that sounded totally inappropriate to an American but very innocent to a Croat.
  • He has had to adjust to some cultural issues such as people telling him that standing under an air-conditioner would render his shoulders useless, sitting without a cushion would render him sterile,  wearing short-sleeves would ruin his kidneys, and walking barefoot in his apartment would cause him to get very sick.
  • He has an apartment with NO air-conditioning (which is a big deal to a Quinn...we love meat-locker air-conditioning).
  • The food is awesome and one of his new favorites is lamb.
  • He is meeting some really nice elderly people, which is good for him.
  • They are often mistaken for Jehovah's Witnesses or for people who bless homes for a fee.
  • He teaches English classes.
  • He will be staying in the same town for at least another nine weeks.
  • He gave us a tour of the church (folks...they have a ping-pong table and foosball in the church!  Ummm....can someone get on that for our building?). 
  • He doesn't miss any foods from the states.
  • His new land-lady is a woman who has son(s) in late 20's who lives somewhere else so she has sort of adopted the elders and calls them, "My boys."  When they are walking around town, if she sees them she will call out to them ("Hello, my boys!") and wave.  She has told them that since their mothers are far away, she is their mother there and considers it her job/duty to watch over them.  Hence, the lecture he received for walking in his apartment bare-foot.  As a mother, this warms my heart to know that someone over there is watching out for my son and cares about him.  Can I give this lady a cyber-hug? 
After about an hour, some of the other elders were waiting to be able to Skype their families so we reluctantly said good-bye.  Then P.J. mentioned that we could call him back on their cell phone since it was Mother's Day.  Let me say right here that I am not ashamed of the fact that I asked my husband to break the Sabbath by going out to Wal-Greens to purchase an international calling card.  And you husband (the sweet man that he is) immediately left to buy a card so we could continue to talk to him.  I'm assuming the Lord understands and that I'll be forgiven for this one.  Did you know that international calling cards are a bear to figure out?  I think it took about forty minutes for us to figure it out, but we were able to call him.  The cool thing about this call was that each person got private time to chat with him instead of it being a group thing.  Poor Phil....before they had a chance to say a proper good-bye, the card ran out and they don't believe in giving any warning; the line just went dead.  After vacillating, Phil went ahead and put some more time on the card so he could at least call him back and say a proper good-bye.  It was such a sweet experience to be able to talk to our son on Mother's Day. I didn't get emotional until after while I was getting ready for church.   ~Sigh~ next Skype will be at Christmas....7 MONTHS AWAY!!!!!  But yes, we can make it...

P.J. did send an e-mail today so here it is:

Dobar Dan! 

Another monday, another email....though i must admit that it's pretty lame compared to skype. I'm all for the weekly calls. I think I could handle it without getting trunky. The only reason people get trunky after calls is because they know that they have to wait 7 and a half months until it happens again. If it was once a week it wouldn't be an issue..... Maybe you should write the first presidency and see what happens. But it was really good talking to you all yesterday. And not so good saying good bye, but oh well. that's the way it's gotta be. I'm glad we were able to use skype too.

I'll just say sorry right now. I don't really have much to say since the phone call last night. It's just another p-day in Karlovac and there's not much to do. It's still pretty cold and rainy outside, so walking around outside aimlessly isn't even all that fun. And all of the old people are back to harassing me. And yes, it is a little cold outside, but I refuse to wear anything even close to a jacket when it's the middle of May. That's just a crime.

So as far as exciting news goes, I decided to see what this country has to offer, so at Kaufland today I bought bacon, hamburger, and hot dog flavored chips. I'm not really expecting either of the three to be good, but I just had to try. The hot dog flavor confuses me. Why would you want chips that are flavored like pig left overs? But then again, people like me buy them. Next big thing....We get to go to Ljubljana again on Wednesday!!! The drive should be even better this time because everything is even greener now. I'll let you know how the conference was and how awesome Slovenia was....which is really awesome because you can buy lemon-lime gatorade there. 

 So ya....things are going pretty all right here in good ol' Karlovac (emphasis on the old). I don't have a whole bunch else to say.... Jake says hi. I think that's about it. Sorry it was a little bit of boring email this week. I hope I have more to say next Monday. Were you able to find that flash drive in the cabinet? I hope so.....

Well, I love you all bunches and I look forward to Mondays....and Christmas (only 7 and half months away!!!!)

Talk/type to ya'll later!

**pdays are prep-days.  They get part of one day a week to do things like grocery shopping, laundry, sight-seeing
**trunky is a missionary term for wanting to go home, fantasizing about home, dreaming about home, planning on going home, you get the picture.
**His comment about writing the first presidency is tongue-in-cheek.  He knows I would NEVER do that.

Closing comments:  

I am sooooo thankful we were able to talk with him.  Even though it isn't easy having him gone (and we will have two out on missions soon), we are so proud of him and our girls.  Mollie, our youngest, had a teacher ask her today what her parents did to punish her and she said that she really didn't get into trouble.  Her teacher replied, "I really don't believe that..."  But, it's pretty much true.  As a counselor who works with many teens, I'm well aware of the things my kids could've chosen to do.  I am soooo thankful for our kids.  When it comes to P.J. serving a mission, yes, it's hard.  But I can't help but think of parents who have had their children pass away and I can't complain or feel sorry for myself.  He is doing the Lord's work and we wouldn't have it any other way!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Tour of a museum, good food, and an uncensored American song at the grocery store!

                                                  ~P.J. and Elder Bates visiting Plitvice Lakes National Park~

Guess what????? Guess who gets to talk to ya in less than a week?????? Me!!!!!!!!

So that's pretty cool about the new stake presidency. I was kind of expecting "President" Woodland to get caught up in all of that. Too bad he only had a weeklong break. I bet he wishes he could just be Sunday School president or something like that. That's way funny about the G***** kids too. I think you would be dead if you were the one with triplets. How's the Battalion doing anyways?   Not gonna lie....I'm in Kuna mode. When I saw $400 for the plane ticket, I thought, "So what?? That's only like $80....." I'm gonna be so bad with money when I get home ;)

That's cool about T**** getting his mission call too. Too bad it didn't quite work out as a Mother's Day surprise, but it was still somewhat of a surprise I assume. When does he leave? Oh ya....and Kai is in Columbia, South Carolina. I think Daniel might be in that mission though. 

It has been going by fast. Everyone says that the 2 months in the MTC is the longest part and so far it has been. But then they say that the longest transfer is the first in the country. If that's the case, time's gonna fly because it feels like I just got here, but I hit my 2 month mark and end of the first transfer next week. I'm thinking that I'll still be here in Karlovac, but who knows? I would be happy anywhere. It's weird to think that in a week and a half 1/6 of my mission will already be gone. And by the end of the next transfer, I'll be a quarter finished....assuming that the next transfer goes by as fast as this one. It's weird how fast time goes by. It feels like some days we just don't have time for a lot of the things we need to do, but we try and make it work.

I'm pretty jealous about Germany [His cousin is moving to Germany]. They speak an easy language there. I'm pretty all seriousness.....I would be close to fluent in German by now. It's just so much easier from what I remember. But I have faith that my Hrvatski will get there someday. I hope that Jordan [another cousin] and Chris's baby will be like the one in the funny commercial. It's weird to think he'll be talking by the time I ever see him for the first time.

Thanks for the info about the bank stuff. I'm not planning on taking much out very often, but I'll figure out what to do.  

1.  Who is your companion?
I’m still with Elder B**** for at least another week. It's going good. I could last for another transfer with him at least.
2.  How is your toothpaste doing?
Toothpaste is fine. It's not a 3rd world country. They still have the same Colgate and stuff as in America, so it'll be fine. And it's always in supply.

3.  I will e-mail you Skype info in a separate e-mail (our account number)…what time do you think you will Skype at, and will it be on Saturday or Sunday?  
We just decided that I will call at 4:30 on Sunday, so that will be 9:30 am your time. Is that all right? Bri might have to get up early, but oh well.

So some news about this last week. Last Monday we made about an hour walk outside of town to the war museum. I have a bunch of pictures, but I forgot my camera at the apartment...sorry. It's way cool. They have old aa guns, tanks, amphibious craft, bombed out buildings, and in the middle is a crashed Serbian plane wreckage. It was pretty awesome to climb on the tanks and stuff....even if you're technically not supposed to as we found out by reading a sign at the end. But everyone else there was climbing too, so whatever. Karlovac was pretty much the front line for the "Homeland war" back in the 90's because of its location. We're about 45 minutes (give or take a few) from Slovenia and Bosnia in both directions, and we are about half way between the north border and the coast of Croatia in the other direction. *just a quick tidbit*....It's so hard being here in Karlovac because every cool place in Europe is like a 3 hour drive away.....Venice, 3 hours by bus....Vienna, 3 hours by bus......Salzburg, 3 hours by bus......Budapest, 3 hours by bus......but we are stuck in little old Karlovac. It's a little frustrating. It's also weird being in a city that's older than the United States. Karlovac was first founded in the 1500's. random facts...

On Tuesday, it was Croatian Labor Day (Dan Rada) and everything is closed for holidays around here. And B***, our old landlady invited us over for a barbeque....It was so GOOD!!! By far the best meal I've had so far. She had a huge bowl just filled with different meats. We had grilled chicken, pork chops, kabasica (sausage), čavapčići (little sausages and the best meat there), and other meat than that too. There was so much meat and it was all so good! And then she made a salad, which was cabbage with salt, pepper, olive oil, and apple vinegar. Believe it or not, I'm kind of getting used to cabbage (kupus as they call it) and it's not too bad anymore. She also had a type of pickled pepper for us that she made last year and canned. It was okay. I've had some here where the peppers are sour, and those are good. She also had a ton of bread. And then the Higbees (the senior couple) brought ice cream and sugared strawberries. It was such a good meal. I ate a ton.

That morning was pretty cool too. They had the annual Bicikliada, which is a 15K bike race that pretty much the whole city rides in. It was huge. I don't think I've ever seen so many bikers. But it's a huge deal every year. And I got a free t-shirt. So it was way cool.

The rest of the week was all right. We tracted, but didn't find anybody new. We had a couple of lessons with old people. Some guy last night did not like the fact that I’m thinking about studying politics in college. He was telling me that I needed to do work with my hands so I’ll never be out of work, like be a baker, or builder or something. He was also saying that politicians were all out for money and were all evil. I told him I wanted to be a teacher and he just said, "Well good. Then teach something better. Like history or something." Elder B**** got a lecture too though because he's studying astronomy and physics. The man was just weird. He's definitely not a prospect, but we were at least able to teach him. We barely ever get let in while tracting, so it was still nice.

So next week will be exciting. We get to call and talk, have transfers happen (if anything changes), and then on Wednesday we have a meeting with the 1st counselor in the area presidency who will become the president in August. He's doing two meetings with our mission for the zone conference this month instead of 3, so we are all shifting around. Serbia and Bosnia is coming to Zagreb along with most of the Croatia zone, so that means that we are going back to Ljubljana to even out numbers in the meetings! It's a nice drive, and I think things have greened up a bit, so I’m excited. My passport is getting quite the stamp collection.

I'm trying to think of more to say so my emails don't get lame, but I’m running out of things to talk about. Things are getting pretty routine here. Oh ya....about the phone number. I'm not sure if it will be the same number that we have right now because we may or may not have managed to get our sim card locked on our phone making it essentially useless at the moment....But we called the mission office and they are going to get it fixed tomorrow. But we are getting a new sim card and stuff...I’m assuming that will be all that changes, so the phone number will be the same, but I'm not quite sure. But I think Skype is a pretty sure thing.  

So what the heck is the deal with Mollie? I haven't heard from her in a couple of weeks now. She's just a freshman in high school with no job or anything so I know she can't be that busy...... What the heck?????? Just kidding. I understand if you're busy with school and trash like that. Just drop out as soon as you can. Education isn't that important. Trust me.......

Another thing....funny and slightly appalling. Elder B**** and I started doing our grocery shopping at 7am on p days because Kaufland is open then, so we went this morning and they were playing that one song "Forget You" but it's actually "Ef you...." Brianne and Mollie will know was public and they weren't playing the censored version, so I heard the f bomb dropped like 50+ times while shopping. Elder B**** looked slightly mortified, but I just kept laughing because I’m terrible.

I better get going. I look forward to seeing you all and talking to you all on Sunday. Good luck with your week!!!!!

Until Sunday,