Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Feeling better!!!! Yeah!


So everything is still going just dandy with my kidney. The doctor told me to drink like crazy, so I have been. And pretty painful is an understatement....it was nasty. But, it's all over now. But I'm a little worried. Everyone kept on asking me if it had happened before....so now I'm expecting more to eventually come. We'll see. I finish up my antibiotics tomorrow and I go up to Zagreb again on Friday for another urine culture. 7 hours on a bus to "go" in a cup...it bites. oh well....

That's crazy! 2 feet of snow? [Referring to "Sandy"]  Zagreb and Karlovac got some snow yesterday. It didn't stick though. It's still a bit too warm here for snow. It's around the mid 40's. But it rains a lot and it's pretty windy here, so it still feels pretty cold.

That's funny about the kitten with the other animals. I'm surprised JoJo is afraid of it. I would have though that the black demon mists would project forth from her mouth and envelop/devour the little guy. I guess I guessed wrong.

That's pretty cool about the middle school presentation. You're moving up in the community! Bring on the money! 

So I'll answer some questions and then talk about my week a little:

 1.  Anything else you need/want to be included in the package?  If you want Cheetos, speak now or forever hold your peace.
Ummm....I can't really think of anything. I'm doing alright.  I got new insoles, so I'm good in the shoe department as well.

2.  How are you and your companion getting along?
We get along well. I haven't had any companionship issues with anybody so far. I don't know if that's because (by miracle) I've become easy to live with, I have the gift of patience somehow, or if I've just lucked out.....Maybe all of the difficult companions will be in the next half of my mission. Hope not. 

3.  Any investigators?
Eh...we're looking. All of our potentials are dropping like flies. It's starting to get a little old. But hopefully things will change sometime soon. 

4.  What is your weather like now? We are in the 60s-80s.  Yeah!!!
I think I answered it above. It's not bad. 40's...be jealous. 

5.  Are you still happy?
Yup. All is well here in Zadar. I wish more people would talk to us and meet with us, but you can't have everything I guess. 

So we had English sign-ups this week. Luckily the Sisters did a super good job with flyer hand outs and postings because we were stuck in Zagreb. We had about 25 people show up and only one crazy guy (we're still deciding if we're going to call him and tell him when class is)...so we'll see what happens. It's a little nerve wracking. I hope we can deliver the type of course that these people are expecting. It's kind of funny. People here have no concept of something being free. We had a couple dozen phone calls from people asking if the class really was free, and if it was, why? It got kind of annoying. They just don't believe you when you say "completely free."

So we were in Zagreb from Sunday to Wednesday night. It was pretty cool. We got some good kebap sandwiches on p-day and just tooled around the center of Zagreb. We stopped by the Apple store and checked out all the new stuff. That was cool. We got to eat at Mcdonalds while we were there. Who would of ever thought that would be something worth reporting about? We don't have one here in Zadar. When I wasn't hurting, it was an enjoyable experience. We got to help out the senior missionaries in the office with computer things, I slept a ton, Sis. Rowe is a good cook, the mission home is super nice (we slept in the basement, in a room across from the indoor pool...and there's a full size tennis court in the back yard), we got to ride in a car everywhere we went, and it was kind of cool to semi-live in a family environment again. The Rowe kids are all super cool.  I got to help out on 2nd grade homework, and she told me I was smart because I knew how to spell words...it was funny. We also got to ride back with the Tanners, who are probably the coolest senior couple in the mission! So, I guess it was worth it.

It was pretty uneventful once we got back here. We had sign ups and that was probably the most exciting part. Other than that, it was pretty routine. Pres. P***** was finally at church...it had been 4 weeks. So it was kind of nice not having to conduct. A funny story...someone was speaking last week in church when I got the really bad kidney pains and had to leave the meeting. Well, I wasn't paying attention to her talk because of the pain, but I guess to everyone in the audience, I was sitting up at the front with an angry look on my face (I guess I look angry when I'm in pain), and then I suddenly got up and quickly walked to the back of the church. So how it looked to a couple of people: They thought I was angry and got up to go call President P****** to see what I should do about the situation. Kind of funny how things get misunderstood. That was kind of a funny thing about the whole ordeal as well. Since it happened at church, all of the branch members knew I was sick.

I think that's about it for this week. Sorry that it was a little uneventful! Something cool this week: We're doing a branch Halloween party...even though it doesn't exist here...And All Saints' day is on Thursday, so everyone goes to the cemetery and lights candles and stuff. It should be cool. I'll take pictures.

Love you all a ton!

One last thing! This last week, for the first time, I conquered the Rubix cube! I'm now to the point where I can solve it in under 15 minutes! The Asian inside of me is raging! Ya....I don't know what an Asian is doing inside of me either...oh well.

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