Sunday, October 14, 2012

Random picture found on the internet... :)

Dear Family!

This email might be a little lame....I know I’ve been saying this for the last few weeks, but I think this one will take the boring cake. Elder A  was sick for the last half of this week, so not a whole lot happened.....I got a lot of personal study in....a lot..... So, I'm doing all right. It's been a super long week, but everyone is feeling better at the moment, so here's to a better week.

So ya, we were watching the Saturday morning session live at 6 pm here. It was pretty intense. I thought it was cool about the two new temples and then the news about the missionaries came. It was pretty awesome. Things at BYU are going to change a ton. We were talking about it a little bit. Like freshman housing is over....What 20 year old freshman is going to live on campus? I heard from a missionary that he's excited for this because maybe it will make Helaman Halls with the Cannon Center a cool place for R.M. upperclass men and "he's totally cool with that." But we also mentioned how freshman Book of Mormon class is going to get so intense when all of the sections are made up of return missionaries. And BYU is going to be loosing a lot of freshman next semester.... It's going to be interesting to see how much this changes things. The 19 to 18 isn't too huge of a deal in general because it's just a year and people from 48 countries could already go when they were 18, but the sisters going at 19 is crazy. I think the weirdest part is thinking that if I had left when I was 18, I would have just gotten back. That's nuts. But I'm glad that I was able to get a year of college before hand. I don't think that leaving at 18 would have been the best idea. I think it's still going to be that way for a lot of people. They even said in the news conference thing that they aren't encouraging everyone to go at 18, they are just making it a general option across the board for those who are ready. It's gonna surge the numbers like crazy for the first little bit. I hope we can get some more people out here....  I don't think that it's gonna be a huge deal with girls being gone from BYU. There might be more sister missionaries for a little bit, but I think things will even out. If girls don't want to go at 21, are things gonna change if they can go at 19? I guess probably not for a lot of them, but who knows? 

That's so random with that picture. That's when President Teixeira, Europe area president, was here back in June. His wife made us get up and stretch  Which senior couple was it that took the picture? 
~I accidentally found this picture by happenstance!!  How cool is that?~ 

Holy Cow! B*** is freakin' huge! Just looking at the hair, I thought that she looked like L****, but the face looks like I*****. 

Gag....the stuff about the teeth is nasty. It brings back bad memories. But “How I Met Your Mother” is such a funny show....I was going to say "good", but I don't think that I can officially call it that as a missionary.  

That's good that work is picking up....I'm gonna be needing a new suit soon ;). That Cricutt sounds kind of funky. I guess normal scissors are for poor people..... so we have to buy computerized electric scissors. 

That news about Grandpa is freaking crazy! I'm glad that he's doing all right. But seriously, that is some scary stuff. I feel terrible. I think I jinxed him. I asked dad in my email last week how he was doing because I hadn't heard about him for a while....Well I heard about him now, and I'm glad he's doing alright now. Tell him that I hope the best for him!

Man, I bet you had some beef at that Brazilian restaurant. I'm jealous. We are going to Risckys in 15 months when I get back. Guess what! In 3 days, you could have gotten pregnant and had a baby without me even knowing! Isn't that crazy? 9 months...dang.

This morning was pretty cool. But lately, the weather has still been a little warm. Probably around the mid 70's. What the heck? How are you guys cooler than here. It's just not fair....haha....that's what Mollie was thinking too.....get it? Fair????

This last week was all right. We didn't do too much. I accidentally made a pretty good pasta sauce from scratch. I didn't know what I was doing. I mixed butter, flour, stuff that's called cooking cream (like half and half, but tastes better), milk, chopped up garlic, salt, and pepper. I pan-fried some marinated chicken skewers that I chopped up and added it to the sauce. It was good...well the taste was. It was a little thick...almost like a gravy. But I think I got the hardest part (the taste) down. 

Conference was pretty good. We got to watch 3 sessions. One was in English, and the other 2 were in Croatian. It was all right. I don't like watching in Croatian, but I can understand more now than I could last time back in April. Which is a good thing, because that's 7 months with the language versus 2 and half weeks. 

I'm trying to think of other things that happened this last week. I've been studying the New Testament for a while now. I'm almost finished with it. I still have to read Revelation. I've found a New Testament student manual...maybe that will make it understandable when I read it. 

I'm really scrambling to find things to say. There's just not really a whole lot. I really apologize... I just thought of one last thing. We get to go to Zagreb on Friday for zone conference, so 7 hours by bus again. They were trying to get us to Serbia,  but they don't have a plane that goes to Beograd from here.  

I hope all is well with you this week. Things are going pretty well here. Tell grandpa that I send my well wishing. Best of luck with everything! Love you all a ton!


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