Tuesday, October 30, 2012

He is sick....(NOT what a mom wants to hear from her son on his mission)....

Hey everyone....Sorry I haven't been posting as regular as I should.  I will try to do better!  I held off posting this one because I wanted to find out the verdict before I posted anything.  Phew!  All is well, so here it is.....  ~Dore

Hey Family!

So you asked how I'm doing....my answer....right now, I'm doing alright, but I have another doctors appointment at 1 today....Yesterday in the hospital was pretty miserable though....

If I really wanted to torture you, I would leave it at this, but I'll go into more detail...well as much as I can...They still don't really know what it is, but they are working on it....Gotta love Croatian health care...

So to start from the beginning: So Elder A*****  and I were at church yesterday morning and everything was fine. I was conducting because Pres. P  still isn't 100%, so we got there early, prepared the sacrament, and I picked out the hymns. Afterwards, I was sitting at the keyboard, just messing around with it, when the left side of my back started cramping. I thought it was just the way I was sitting, but I moved and got up and walked around, but it just got worse. I just dealt with it and it lessened, and then it went away completely, and I thought that it was just my back spazzing. So we carried on with the meeting, and during the final talk, it came back even harder than before. I started sweating a ton and turned super white. I asked Elder A****** to finish up for me and I ran into the bathroom and just lost it and threw up my breakfast. I still didn't know what was wrong, but I guess B*****(Pres. P******'s wife) called him and told him that there was something wrong with me, because he called me and said, "I heard you're sick. Sunday School is taken care of. Just go home right now and don't worry about church." We were also going to take him the sacrament, but he told us to just forget it. So we started walking home and the pain went away. So we managed to get a hold of Sister T  (the mission nurse) and I told her what was going on, and she said, "Well, sounds like kidney stones...." And she said that she would call the church Doctor in Germany and that he would then call me. So Dr. Swinson called me and asked all of the questions (does anyone in your family have this problem, have you had it before, what's the pain like?...I got asked this like 50 times yesterday). He then asked where I was living and I said Zadar. He said, "Hmmmm....Zadar....they don't have much there for medical. We got to get you up to Zagreb." He said that Sis. T would work out a way for me to get there and that what I needed to do was go to the Zadar hospital and pretty much beg for whatever painkiller they would give me. So after a few more phone calls, we got Z**** (a member) to drive us to the ER....I don't want to freak you out more than I already have, but I think I've seen pictures of a more equipped ER in freakin' Ghana....Well, we had to walk around until we found someone there, and then they brought me in, asked me what I wanted and I explained my story. They then tried to convince me to stay in Zadar and find a specialist there. I told them that we have a doctor in Zagreb and I just needed the painkillers. They tried to talk me out of the idea of traveling, so Elder A****** and I had to get a little pushy with a lady and demand the meds. So I got them....Got stabbed in the top of my right cheek.

It was a little funny. They only asked for i.d., so I gave them my driver’s license and they wrote my name in a book, stabbed me, and sent me on my way...Nothing more than that. No documentation...nothing. So then we went home to wait for Sister T. I threw up a couple of more times...just from the pain. The pain shot didn't do a thing. I don't know exactly what they stuck me with, but it didn't do much. So around 5 last night, we got to Zagreb and went straight to the hospital. The whole time, my back was still hurting. So we sign in and the wait game starts. They finally called my name and took me into a room where they took some blood and left the little IV thing in in case they needed to take more. So then I waited some more. Then they called my name and I got a flat plate x-ray done.... then I waited again. Then they called my name and did an ultrasound. It freakin' hurt so much. He would poke my stomach and asked if it hurt and then jab it with the ultrasound and get mad when I flinched. It wasn't too fun. I was so tired, but it hurt to do anything but stand and walk around. So I then went back to the waiting room and waited some more....Oh ya...another test was in here too.  So then finally after a few hours, they called me back, took the iv thing out of my hand and gave me my paperwork. All they had to say is, well, from the ultrasound, it looks like he was really backed up in the intestines....try going home and taking a laxative. I was ticked. I knew that wasn't it. I told the nurse that I was still hurting, so she stabbed me in the behind and it burned like crazy...turns out that there was some sort of antibiotic in there.

So we talked to Dr. Swinson, and he said that he had heard of people having kidney problems and they get misdiagnosed because they can't see the kidneys behind the intestine. So he wanted me to go to a private practice today to get looked at by a doctor that the mission uses all the time. Supposedly he's pretty good. So that's whom I have an appt. with today. So after the hospital, we went to the mission home to spend the night. It was going great until the painkiller wore off around 2. I didn't get back to sleep. It hurts too much to lie down. It's basically fine if I stand, and it's okay when I sit, but lying down is terrible.

So latest developments....Sis T  was looking at my blood lab work and she saw that my white blood cell count is way high. So she figured that I have some sort of infection. So she called Dr. Swinson, and they came to the conclusion that I have a kidney infection, and possibly the stone still, but we don't know. So if I do have the infection, I'll just be on antibiotics for a few days, and then I should be fine. So we're going to the doctor, and they might do a CT scan just to be sure all is fine, but I know everything will be fine. We also figured out that because of the infection, my kidney is spazzing...whatever that means, and that's where the pain is coming from. So, everything will be fine in a couple of days. Seriously...I'm in good hands...so stop your worrying.

 Another funny thing....So Sis. T was talking to Dr. Swinson last night and he was explaining why he couldn't say too much earlier....So he lives in Munich and guess who was visiting Munich yesterday? President Thomas S. Monson. So ya...he was standing right next to him while I was explaining my kidney problems. So ya...The prophet got to hear all about my issues. How awkward weird is that?

So ya... That's my big news for the week. We also found a Thai food restaurant in Zadar. It was okay. I realized I'm not too much of a fan of Thai food...curry is funky. But it was still all right. A little expensive too. The funny part is that it's a massage parlor/ restaurant...sounds sketchy huh?  

The Shutterfly pictures looked great. The kitten looks pretty awesome. Dexter is a good name for him. Wish I could play with him. The truck is sweet too.
~This is Dexter...new resident at our house~

I better get going. I gotta get to the clinic...the taxi will be here in 5 minutes. I love you all, and I'll be fine. I'll email you again, when I find out what the whole deal is! Sorry that I couldn't individually respond this week! Have awesome weeks! Cool about the papers, Bri! President Rowe says that the mission department is expecting 97,000 missionaries by May. Isn't that crazy?


hey! I just went to the doctor....they still aren't completely sure what it is, but we are treating it as a kidney infection and they are giving antibiotics and painkillers and I have to go back tomorrow to look at the urine culture. So I'm in Zagreb for another day. It's great though. The mission home is super nice and the Rowe family is so cool. They have an indoor pool in the basement and a sauna...and Sis. Rowe is a good cook.  It'll be fine. The painkillers will be nice. I hope you’re not worrying. Based off of what the doctor said, it's not super serious. So all is fine for now.

I love you a bunch and hope all is fine at home!

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