Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Week 3-We have pictures!!!!

~Yes...Our first look at the official missionary~

Is it just me or does anyone else remember when missionaries looked like men? You know, like when you were 10 years old and the missionaries seemed really old.... I will post pics from time to time with his actual captions on them. He is doing well! Here is one of his letters from this week.... I'll post the others later this week.

Hello to family and all.....

Just to answer the questions to start off....
I'm not sure about the mmr shot. I got a notice saying to go to a room to talk about it, but that was like a week ago and I never went....I forgot. But they haven't called me back yet. So I'm not sure what the deal is. I'm sure I'll find out eventually.

The shoes came last wednesday. I like them a lot. More than the other pair. Thanks a bunch. They're so good they haven't even hurt my feet yet. It's like they come pre-broken in (I can see some little chinese kid in a sweatshop running around in a size 14 shoe in order to break them in...I'm terrible).

As far as political news.... We (me, my companions and the Czech/slovaks) were sitting around the other day and realized that we didn't know what was going on in the outside world anymore. We had no idea about politics and others were wondering who was playing in the Super Bowl (I personally don't care). It's weird how shut off we are in here. There could be a nuclear fall out and we wouldn't even know. We would just be going to class as usuall while the rest of the world slowly died. That's good that Romney's gonna crush Gingrich. He's such a tool. Time to come to his senses and just drop out. What about Huntsman, Santorum, and Perry? Have they dropped yet?

And ya....all I'm gonna say is that I don't know anybody in Russia or Germany, let alone girls.....

In other recent news: The language feels like it's starting to click. Earlier this week we taught BoŇ°tijan (Brat Johnson) and I suddenly could start stringing semi coherent sentences together. My vocabulary is still somewhat limited since we dont learn words in class. They just teach how the language works and vocabulary is our own responsibility.

Also, Sister K, my other teacher, is engaged and we were asking her about her fiance the other day and we found out that he worked at the MTC. We asked if he spoke a Slavic language and she didn't respond and she wouldn't tell us who he was....well we did investigating later and found out that she's engaged to the Slovak teacher, which is funny because he wouldn't tell his students who he was engaged to. We felt like detectives, but when we told Brat J that we knew sister K was engaged to the Slovak teacher all he said was, "that's so last semester." but we still felt accomplished.

We had trc for the first time on thursday. We teach former missionary volunteers as themselves in Slovene. Kind of tough. But we got some good practice so we'll be better this week.
Today is the 50th anniversary of the mtc, so there's supposed to be some big names at the devotional tonight. If I can, I'll get back on tonight and tell you who showed up. I'm excited. We're going 2 hours early so we can get a good seat. I'm gonna send another email later. I got to run off to lunch right now and I still have 15 minutes left. So look for part 2.

StareŇ°ina P.J.

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