Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Week 5 (already??)...

~In serious (huh??) contemplation (Provo Temple)~

So the weeks are really starting to blend together. I'm gonna try and remember things that happened this week, but if you already heard about them, pretend you didn't. Prepare to be news-ified.
So there have been some developments as far as my mission is concerned. BOSNIA WAS OFFICIALLY ADDED TO THE MISSION THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!! Which means that my mission name has changed once again. So I started out being called to the Slovenia/Croatia mission, then the Adriatic mission, and now I'm going to the official ADRIATIC NORTH MISSION (I hit something funny and it sent...sorry) The mission includes Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, and Bosnia. The Adriatic South mission is Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo, and maybe some other place (not really my top concern). Supposedly Greece is the only European country without missionaries now. Pretty cool.
Funny story: so we were teaching Boštijan and Anico (our investigators) about baptism and being born of God. I didnt know the words for "born of God" so i just took it straight out of Alma 36 where alma mentions it....well, I missed the word "se" which makes reflexive, so I found out that I said multiple times that "Alma gave birth to God, We must give birth to God, and through baptism we can give birth to God." Also, since word order in Slovene doesn't matter too much, you really have to rely on certain word endings which tell which part of the sentence it is. For example, "Joseph Smith je Božji Prerok" means Joseph Smith was God's prophet. But if you say, "Josepha Smitha je Božji Prerok", you just said "God's prophets eat Joseph Smith." There are just so many chances for train wreck sized mistakes. But its fun to laugh about.
That's so cool about the tv and all of the blue ray players. Why did you have to wait until just before I left to get all advanced? It's okay though. After 5 weeks I can't imagine just sitting around and watching tv or a movie. It just seems weird. Although I still have daily dreams about naps in my queen sized bed with my electric blanket. It's weird how easily entertained I've become. One of my teachers has a slinky that they keep on the shelf and the other day I found my self just bouncing it back and forth between my hands for like 15 minutes. It was so enthralling. We walked in on Brat Johnson playing with it one time in the corner (facing the corner) and when he saw us he just said "Jaz sem norec" (I'm a mad man) and turned red. It was so funny.
About the getting burnt out part. It's just starting to feel stiffiling. It's really the same thing day in and day out. I can't wait until I get to Slovenia (or wherever I end up going at this point- dumb visa) and get a bit of a say in what I do every day. It'll still be somewhat the same, missionary work and sleep schedule, but then we get to talk to people and walk around instead of having to hang out inside of the compound. It's alright though. I've heard that the second half goes by faster than the first and it doesn't feel like I've been here too long.
Random bit...go check out Slovenia on Google earth and be jealous. There's a satalite map on lds.org and we look at it when we're bored with the language computer program. Elder S and I call it the Promised Land of Milk and Honey. I'm excited to eventually get over there.
I don't really have much else right now, but I'll email again after the temple and tell you all the stuff I'm currently forgetting.

Sorry....I'm having a really hard time thinking of anything else interesting. Like I said, it's getting a bit monotonous (spelling????) Um....one thing, Sis G in that package they sent asked if you could forward my emails to her so she could forward them to Brett. Thanks.....Also, what's the Greer's address? I've been meaning to write them a letter.
I have 7 minutes left. What left to talk about? We went to the temple again today. It's pretty mindblowing how much bigger it is than the Dallas temple. A sister in my district, Sis Trumbo,has a dad who used to play basketball for BYU and went pro and then went and played in Spain (Steve Trumbo....played with Danny Ainge. I doubt you know who he is). Well, anyways, old people in Provo always connect the dots and realize the relation. The past two weeks the guy at the front desk has been pretty much obsessing over the relation. It's funny that an old guy is so excited by it. But he wants to get her dad's phone number so his son, who was a big fan, can call and talk to him. I thought it was kind of funny....maybe you had to be there.
Also, last night in class Brat J was whistling some song and Elder S asked, "Is that ......" (I don't remember what the song was) and Brat J answered "Ne vem babalonski pesem" (I don't know songs from Babylon). We were both laughing. and then Elder S started whisting some song and Brat J called him out on it as a joke, and I just looked at Brat J and said, "I might be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that was a hvalnice (hymn)" He just lauged. It's fun using random Slovene words in your English. We're gonna try and go all day tomorrow without speaking English. It'll be the second time. It's not much fun speaking all day like a 3 year old, but oh well.
Speaking of kids, how are the triplets and B? Anything funny lately? Oh....I did send Mollie a letter on like Saturday or so. I got Bri's before p day, so I could respond right a way, but it took me a few days to get Mollie's done. I think that's about it for this week....boring....kind of.
Good luck with everything you're doing.

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