Friday, May 3, 2013

Somehow, Elder C got him to do his Scooby Doo impersonation!!! :)


Well, no matter what I am, I guess you still have to be my favorite mother ;).

Wow! Those Facebook updates are pretty crazy. Everyone seems to be going on a mission.  And on a side note....the best language studies come from reading graffiti and bathroom learn all sorts of new words and how to conjugate them. Elder Compton tells me that if we're having an English language Fast and I say something off colored in Croatian, that it's like I'm saying it in English, but whatever.....

I still can't believe that Jake is home. That's so nuts. It's really weird how everyone I know is now either starting to leave or get back.

That's good that you've been able to find everything for Brianne for a decent price. I honestly think that getting dropped off at the airport is a much better deal than the curb. I had to host (welcome the new missionaries and carry their stuff) twice, so I saw both ends of it. It was nice to be able to have a few hours to think about stuff instead of the abrupt drop off at the curb and go straight to class. It's just easier to everyone. It bites watching people cry at the curb and stuff. It might seem hard to believe, but going by plane and then shuttle really is better.

I miss people in Zadar a lot, and I kind of miss the city, but I really do like missionary work here. I liked the branch in Zadar, and it was nice at times to be so involved in it, but finding in Zadar was really hard. People are so nice here and they'll talk. It makes things nice. And there really are no branch obligations here because there is no branch!

Cool story about church yesterday: So we had an answer to prayer yesterday. We all decided to fast together as a district for Fast Sunday. We were fasting that we could see our vision for Tuzla come to pass. Yesterday we had 15 people at church! That's the most it's ever been. A couple (non missionary) from the church welfare/humanitarian services was here, and we had 1 member, V, his cousin M, and then a bunch of English students. We had I, 22, a couple: F and A (30), and a man named E  and his son D (12....he's a freaking genius. He speaks fluent English already). And everybody loved church. We had every seat filled. It's still pretty crazy. It was a good testimony meeting.

So about the horse....I know that they eat horse in Sarajevo and Banja Luka. Probably here too, I just haven't either found it or known. I don't get the point about the horsemeat. It's just another animal. It's not that bad. It's just because everybody thinks of horses as pets....and because I guess a lot of them have sorts of hormones and stuff injected, but don't the chickens too? Whatever.....  

The English classes are going well. They're keeping us busy. I got conned into something for class on Thursday. Somehow, I got stupid and did my Scooby Doo impression for Elder Compton one night, and while playing a game last class, Elder Compton told everyone that I could do Scooby doo and they all wanted me to do it. I told them that I would next Thursday. They're gonna hold me to it....wish me luck.

So for p-days...we are going to take a bus out to a place called Srebrenik next week and see an old castle fortress there....they have places around Tuzla that might be, I , the one that came to church, had a graduation presentation today. When you graduate college here, you have to present in front of a panel of professors as a final project and it's a huge deal. She invited us to it. So we've been with her family and friends all day. I honestly didn't understand the presentation, but afterwards, we went to a really fancy restaurant here with her family. It was way good. We were just hanging with her 13-year-old brother the whole time. He's an English student too (her whole family is investigating). It was way fun.

We got a new investigator named H this week. He's so nice. He's Muslim, by tradition, but doesn't go to mosque. We had a good discussion with him. He said no to baptism...for now. He'll come around. We also have a few good potentials from tracting that want to meet up again. It'll be great. People are so nice here. It’s hard not to find someone who will talk to you.

I haven't gotten the package yet. Packages are more of a rarity here in Bosnia, because usually when people come to Bosnia from Zagreb, they fly to Sarajevo, because the roads are so bad it takes forever to drive. The Winters are going to Zagreb tomorrow, so if it's there I might get it tomorrow. We'll see. I hope I can get it.

The weather is getting great here. It's finally sunny after 4 weeks of constant rain and snow. I'm walking around with short sleeves today. I love it.

Everything is going well here. I hope all is well with you. I don't have a whole lot of time left because the library is about to close for the day, but I love you all a lot and hope everyone has a great week!

a quick a couple from Utah with welfare/humanitarian services were here this week. The Fergusons. They are super nice. She wanted to get all of our mothers' phone numbers so she could call them and tell them we are alive, so you might get a call on your cell phone this week....just wanted to give you a heads up.

~Dore here...I did get a phone call from Sis. Ferguson!  She is so awesome to think of us moms and give us a call to tell us our kids are doing well!!!  Thank-you, Sis. Ferguson!

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