Friday, May 3, 2013

No one can read his writing and a trip to Sarajevo!

~"Tunnel of Life" in Sarajevo~ 

~Let's just say that he began this letter telling his friend how disappointed he was that the friend has opted to go somewhere else rather than BYU-Provo.  Yes, Brett, he was talking to you..... ha!  If you want, Brett, let me know and I'll e-mail what he really said.... ;)  ~Dore

Sorry for the spelling typos....I'm using the Winters' laptop, and they only have Internet Explorer, which doesn't have a spell check. So now you really get to see my emails uncensored and see how bad my spelling is.

So about the MTC laundry. They have Tide. It won’t be an issue. ~His sister is very allergic to most laundry detergents and is about to enter the MTC in a month.~

Shopping sounds terrible. No thanks. Has she realized that when shopping for missionary clothes you have a choice....fashionable and expensive, or durable. You can't win; especially as a sister.  

That's cool about Brent's call. I'm interested to hear where he ends up. Maybe he'll come out here.

That's cool that sister Ferguson called. They were really nice. Americans are always nice, it seems, over here in Bosnia.  

I'm completely serious about the whole MTC drop off ordeal. It really is better from the plane. Just tell her that she couldn't have really done anything fun with her friends anyways, so it doesn't really matter. And besides, after 14 months on my mission (today marks the day!!!) I would much rather spend the time with family, not friends....  ~awwwww!!!~

So, we had another week of 15 people at church! We had 3 more members, so not as many investigators there, but it's good to have that much no matter what. I had to teach the Sunday School lesson. It was good...until no one could read my handwriting. I decided to teach about the scriptures, so I gave a definition of what each book of scripture was, and then I wrote random scriptures on pieces of paper, and people had to draw them out of a bag and decide which book it came from. The point of the lesson was that the different scriptures all sound similar because they have a common purpose.  Well, it would have been better, but no one could read my handwriting on the pieces of paper, so I ended up having to read all of the scriptures. But it was still good.

So the package is in Zagreb. I should get it next week at zone conference in Sarajevo. Speaking of Sarajevo, we were there today. We went with the Winters. We had to get more Book of Mormons and new bank cards. While we were there, we went and saw the spot where Elder Nelson dedicated Bosnia a couple of years back. It was pretty cool. We also got to see the "Tunnel of Life." These people made an 800-meter tunnel that's 1 meter wide and 1.6 meters high in the space of 4 months during the Siege of Sarajevo back between 1992 and 1995 (nonstop shelling from Serbs…destroyed most of the city). They used the tunnel to move goods and people between the airport and the other end.....Well, they have the original entry point...and about 25 meters of tunnel...the rest collapsed. It was okay. I can say that I went there. They also have a little museum, and they have pictures of famous guests on the wall. John Travolta, Morgan Freeman, Orlando Bloom, and Daniel Craig... 

A random cool part was seeing the Olympic complex from 1984. It's kind of funny. I thought it was weird how Salt Lake really still prides itself because of 2002....well Sarajevo was 18 years before that and still going strong, from the looks of it.

 Tuzla has always had a reputation of being an accepting place. During the war, they never had prejudice between the 3 groups. They really pride themselves on that. And to answer your question, the groups did mingle before the war. At least they did in Croatia. But that's because there really only is one group of people, and that's Slavs. Somewhere, somehow, many years ago, the people's religions became their races. It's made such huge problems.  It is still a little sore, I guess.

And more than anything else I have ever known in my life, I know that I am not fluent! Not a chance. There's a small minute chance that I might be before I fly home, but we'll see.

That cat is freaking huge and looks kind of possessed. I was picturing him to still be small like he was. We saw a cat with 5 tiny little kittens with unopened eyes last night while tracting.....we also got 2 new investigators, a 20 year old guy and his mom....don't have time to go into more detail though.....

Happy Aniversary....and yes, I did remember before you said something.

You can send the birthday package around the end of May and it should be here on time...and about D...the kid is just a genius. He loves American the Discovery Channel. He's so smart...way too smart for a 12 year old. He's so funny.

I gotta go. It's 6. I love you all. Sorry for the shortage of time. That's why I can only send a general one today. I hope all is well and that spring break is fun!


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