Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Poor, poor kitty.....

December 17, 2012

(Seen at Wal-Mart in Flower Mound, Texas...I mean...who would put this in a stocking???)

Why didn't I get Christmas Tums in my package? It would've been great! Just kidding. 

That bites that you're sick! No fun with that. I hope everyone is better before your trip to Florida. We're traveling to Zagreb on Thursday morning for Christmas conference/party (who are we kidding...it's all party!) All the missionaries are going to be there, so that'll be great. We're gonna have a white elephant gift exchange. So I have to find something after I e-mail this. I'm trying to do a musical number for it. I want to do "Savior, Redeemer of My Soul"...the arrangement by Rob Gardner. I have the arrangement. Elder A was going to play it for me, but he doesn't think he'll be able to in time, so I e-mailed it to Elder C to see what he could do with it. It's a cool arrangement. I'll attach it. We're gonna try and get McDonalds while we're up there too. It'll be great!

Talk about your iPhone, but we're getting new phones here on Thursday! Sure it's just a Nokia 302, but that's got a full keyboard! It's gonna be pretty cool. It's gonna be the same though. It's just an evil little device that always has a person speaking a weird language that's hard to understand on the other end of it. But it'll be cool. 

That's cool about Dexter and the Evil One... (reference to JoJo Kitty) Here's my cat story:  So the other night, I was having an exchange with Elder D, one of the Zone Leaders. Well, we were walking home and a kitten ran across the street, and almost got hit by a car. He stopped right in front of me and he didn't run when I got close, so I bent down to pet it and it started rubbing up against my hand and purring, so I pet it for a second and kept on walking. Well, we were still a few blocks from the apartment, and the kitten started following us. He would run up every drive way, stop and look to see if we were following, and then run back to us. If we stopped walking, he would run in front of us, turn around and just meow at us until we started walking again. It was pretty cute. So then we got home and he followed us up the stairs and tried to follow us in through the door, but we can't have pets as missionaries, so we left him outside. Well, the sisters stopped by a half hour later to pick up some mail that we had for them. So we were talking to them outside, and I saw this little black blur running for the door. I lunged and I caught the kitten just as he was trying to run inside. The little bugger was still just waiting there trying to get in. It was funny. The sisters carried them back to their place and left him outside. There was a tragic end though. I'm pretty sure I saw him dead on the side of the road a couple of days ago. It was the same size and color, and this cat wasn't very good at crossing the road. So ya...Have a happy day!

Snow? Man, it's still just rain and freezing cold wind (obviously not literally  because as stated, we have rain...every day) 

We decorated the church on Saturday with a tree and a bunch of cookies. They are a traditional honey/gingerbread/cinnamon recipe. We made them and decorated them and then hung them from the ceiling. It smells like a giant gingerbread house, which bites when you're fasting. Someone made the comment that maybe it's a fire hazard or something. I just figure that:

So, just 7.5 days until we Skype! I'm excited! So excited! It'll be great. I figured that we can work on specifics next Monday. But it'll be great. It kind of feels like time has flown since May, but sometimes not. It'll be good! 

So on a side note, I've gotten a strange addiction...to a candy mint called After 8's. I don't know if they exist in America, but they are dark chocolate mint patties. Like York, but better. I'm confused by the fact that I like them, but they are great nonetheless. 

I'm glad that you got the puzzle card. I officially have a little bit of faith in the Croatian postal system! I must ask...What was the fabulous idea? The idea of sending something, or the puzzle card, because it was a little strange, but it sure did beat sending a card with a sexual pun in Croatian to your mother for her birthday. 

I better get going. We've got to go and find stuff for the white elephant gift exchange. I want to make sure that you aren't worrying about me. I'm doing well here. 


7.5 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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