Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Adventures with goat meat?!?

December 10, 2012

Hey family!

I'm doing well! And so far, flu free...So yeah, I was able to give myself my own flu shot and it all went down on video! With the flu shots here, you just order them at the pharmacy and then find someone to administer them. Well, Sis. Tanner is a nurse and was doing everybody's, but I asked if I could do my own, and she said sure. So I did it while she walked me through it with instructions. I wish I could send the video, but the file is too big. I would upload it to YouTube or something, so you could see it, but the church blocks it on these computers. 

So I have a couple of companionship photos on the other computer, but he's on it right now. I'll see what I can do. Got them switched to this computer...so hang tight. I'll start attaching some. Shutterfly is being dumb, so I can't upload them there. Okay...so the first one is me, Elder T, and Elder A  on the ferry going to the island, and then the next two are me and Elder A at the spot where they had baptisms in the sea back in June. 

I that's a good thing that grandpa is doing relatively better. 

I hope you had a good birthday. I'm assuming that you haven't received the letter yet. It should be coming soon then. I sent it around November 30th or something like that.  

I can't believe that you have an iPhone now. That's just weird. Do you actually carry your phone with you now? Sorry...low blow. 

I got thrown under the bus for church yesterday. President P and Elder A were going to talk for sacrament meeting, but then he got called into work...so I had to plan Sacrament meeting in 40 minutes. I just had Elder A and the two sisters speak, and it worked out, but it was still a little stressful. Oh well...I guess that's life in a branch. Always gettin' by by the seat of your pants. 

President P really liked the snake head! I gave it to him early...I couldn't wait. He kept on talking about how cool it was. And he has it on his keychain and shows it to everyone. 

We now have a new baby in the branch! Little (not so little actually....a little over 10 pounds and 22 inches) Little L was born last thursday. I just got a call from President P  that he and B just got home from the hospital and that we can stop by and see him later today. So all is healthy with him. I'll have to take a picture of him so you can see it next week.

I's actually kind of funny. Clothes here still have English phrases on them. People just usually don't know what it says. His daughter was wearing a shirt the other day with something in English on it, and I asked her what it said and she didn't know. 

Tell Mollie that I'm sorry about her having to be on the Psat team. It was so dumb. (don't tell her that part if she's excited about it)...I got a *** originally and then raised it to a ***...So ya, it's a 30 point leap, but it still didn't do anything at all. You have to get around 220 if you want it to do something for you, and even then, it'll only get you into OU, which like in the email, is like being the valedictorian in summer school. Ya...after a few years now, I'm still not over the fact that you made me take that stupid class. What was her original score on it? 

 It's been freaking freezing for the last week or so. It is so cold! My upper half is fine because of the jacket and scarf and sweater and stuff, but my legs freeze. I'm thinking about trying to order some thermals because the wind just cuts right through these dress pants. Our apartment is always freezing...and the church too at the moment. I kid you not... The front part of the apartment isn't insulated and something is up with the drains in the bathroom, so it stinks if we close the window.Therefore, it's always open and the same temperature as outside...and there was ice outside this morning. It snowed almost 2 feet in Zagreb, but nothing here. Oh well. I'll get by. And my fingers are about to fall off. The office at the church doesn't have a heater in it. So I better start hurrying. 

I've had some dreams too before where I've been home or people from home or school have been with me, and I'm still a missionary, but I'm doing normal things. It's really weird.  

So...in other news: I have a big slab of goat meat in my freezer. L, one of the members, gave it to us as a thank you for helping D, his 13 year old son, clean out their storage space in the basement of their building that they acquired. As for the goat steak (is that what you call it?) I already tried some that he made in a gulash. It was pretty good. I was really surprised. I don't really know how to cook the stuff I have, but I figured I'll divide it up and try a few different methods. I get it all because my companion won't touch it. He's not too adventurous with food. His loss....and my gain...my goat meat gain...It just sounds so wrong to talk about eating goat.

Sorry that there's not a ton of news this week, but I've got to go and get gloves on before I mistake my fingers for popsicles and try and eat one of them. 

I love you a bunch and I'm excited for Christmas! I get to email on Christmas eve (pday) and talk on Christmas. It'll be great!

See ya in 14.5 days!


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