Sunday, November 18, 2012

He now owns a pillow pet???



So I would just like to begin this email by saying, "This bites! My spelling is completely going down hill!" And the worst part is that it's not like I'm losing my "English".  My spelling is just on the downhill.  Also in pressing important matters: I might be extending my mission a little 3 freaking years! I just have to convince president Rowe to let me do it.... Just kidding.  I think the mission is turning me into a "cup is half-way full" kind of guy! 

That's so great that Brother F is home again! I don't know what his secret is. I guess that death is just afraid of that man. 

 Tell Julianne that I say Hi! I haven't seen her in forever...well I guess I haven't seen any of you in forever.... 

I'm still jealous that you all are going to Florida. Maybe I'll meet you out there. There's been a change in mission policy...Every missionary now receives a Christmas bonus in the form of a plane ticket to anywhere in the world! Ya...totally just kidding. Too bad though.  

Ya, Elder B mom seems super nice. From what I've heard about her, I think you two would get along well. Seems like you two use a lot of the same parental techniques. I'd like to serve with Elder B again, but the likely hood of that is rather slim. 

 Speaking of sacrament meeting, funny story: 

So President P texted us on Sunday morning before church asking if either of us had a spare talk prepared because he forgot to assign speakers. So I told him that I could throw something together. So he said that he would speak, and then I would. So we got to church, set up the chairs, prepared the sacrament, and then I started throwing a talk together. I finished it before church started, so all was fine. Well President P went a little over in his talk and there was about 15 minutes left for me, and the closing song and prayer. So he finished his talk, and said, Now Elder Quinn will speak to close the meeting....And then a lady in the branch (just as a preface, we've realized it's easier to just give her what she wants than to battle with her...gotta pick your battles), just yelled out from the congregation of 10 people, "Eh, drugi put!", which means "ehhh...some other time."....So ya... I got denied by a member of the maybe I'll just speak next week. I'm not mad or offended, because she would do that to anybody...I just think it's funny that it happened. I can just imagine someone doing that in America....”So now we'll have Brother Whatever give a talk”--- "Ehh. Not right now...some other time!----....It would be funny.  

Questions for you:
1.  Are you teaching any investigators?
We're looking. Everybody that we ever had just dropped off the face of the planet  or just gave us the "We'll call you when we have time" excuse. I guess it's a graceful way of saying stop calling me.  
2.  What are you guys eating these days? get by 
3.  We haven't seen any pics of your apartment or of your new companion.  Fix that, would ya?  
Sorry. I've been really bad about taking pictures this transfer. I don't think I've really taken any at all. I'll have to take some this week for next week. 
4.  When do you find out about transfers?
We should find out on Friday. We go up to Zagreb on Thursday for interviews with President Rowe. Then we stay the night at the mission home and have Zone Conference on Friday. Then we go home again. We're taking the train this time just because none of us ever have before and we all want to. It usually doesn't run in correlation to our schedules, but this time it does, so we're gonna try it. 
5.  Been to any cool sites lately?
Not really. I still love it here in Zadar, but places have kind of turned into old news. I think I've been everywhere by now. Zadar is an old city with old stuff, but it's still not a big city by any means. 
6.  Miss anything American?
Just America itself. Walmart seems like the most amazing place in the world right now!
7.  Best part of being in Croatia? 
If you asked me this question a few months back, I would have said the food, but it's managed to get old. So let me think of a few more minutes.....The people that are nice to us are awesome. That's definitely the biggest thing I would have missed out on if I had never come out on a mission. There are so many people that I've met that I'll never forget that I never knew existed, or even ever thought about prior to coming to this country. 
8.  Do you and your companion speak Croatian to each other?
Uhhhh...probably not as much as we should, but sometimes. It seems like when we do, it's for joking purposes. It's so hard to sacrifice the English language. I love it so much. So much just gets lost in the translation when you aren't a native speaker.  

So news from this week: I got a pillow pet! It's a milka cow! Milka is a chocolate brand. I'm not sure if you've ever had it before. Well, I saw it at the store and bought it. It came with 2 giant chocolate bars, a regular size chocolate bar, and 2 packs of cookies. It was cheaper to buy the pillow pet and the chocolate than just all of the chocolate bars by themselves. Impulse buy at it's best. Aren't you glad to know that I haven't changed all that much?

We had a baby shower this last week for the Perović's. It was cool. Z****, a member, threw it together. Her husband, F*****, is a professional chef at a hotel here, and he barbequed for us. It was really good. We had a few games, ate food, and watched a slide show that Z**** compiled and I made. It was pretty cool. It was a nice branch activity. We had a pretty good turn out. 

I think that pretty much sums things up...well the exciting parts anyways. I hope all of you have great weeks!


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