Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Glow sticks, dog bite, and moonshine....

Hello Family!

So another week has flown by and I officially have less than 18 months left. That's less than one sister missionary mission. Time is flying! Zadar is way hot, but great....okay, so it's like the mid to high 90's but it's so humid and we are either outside or in un-air-conditioned buildings all day going up and down stairs and stuff. I have to peel my shirt off at the end of the night I get so sweaty.....But it's great. I'm excited for winter to say the least....or fall....whenever the tourists leave. But the ones at church can stay. They make it fun. Yesterday we had 36 people at church and only 10 local members. It's crazy during the hymns. Last week it was a mixture of Dutch, German, English, and Croatian. It sounds like a giant mess, but it's pretty cool. 

Good luck with the organ! You can come here. We don't even have a piano. Just a keyboard....not even a plug in pedal. It's pretty different/interesting. That’s crazy about all of the new people. I'm not going to know anybody by the time I get back to the ward. But I won’t be staying for long, so not too big of a deal. 

The trek was fun. And we had another good activity on Saturday. We had a picnic with sandwiches, watermelon, juice, and chips and then afterwards we played Capture the Flag. We had a good turn out. We had the 4 missionaries and 11 other people. We were surprised that that many people came. Luckily we overbought food. The coolest part about the activity was the kids' responses to the glow sticks I gave them. Elder K**** got them for Christmas, and when we were cleaning the apartment in Karlovac, he was going to throw them away, but I took them. I saved them/forgot I had them, until we were planning the activity. So I broke them out and the kids were wearing them before it got dark, and they had never seen them because they don't exist here, so they didn't understand the fact that they glowed. Once it got dark they all started freaking out about how they were cool and glowing and stuff. It was funny. One of them was still wearing it at church the next day.  

I just told Elder M**** about the topless lady afterwards. He thought it was funny. 

I feel the shared excitement for not summer....I'm sorry that I made Mollie cry. I wasn't really offended or hurt or anything. I was just kidding around. I can understand that it's hard to come up with stuff when nothing happens.....well the grass is still green (who am I's probably all dead)..... 

That's cool about the new toy. You're getting pretty hip with the new tech and new car. I hope there are some new tech toys laying around for me to take once I get home. 

You're going to Santa Barbara? What for? That's cool. 

That's cool about the cds. I'm looking forward to them.

Questions for this week:
1.  You seem to be doing really well, and I kinda thought you would have some rough times.  Is that true, or are you following general advice which is, "Don't tell your moms what you really experience!"? 
Na....everything has been pretty easy going so far. I've liked my companions, and the only rough parts is being tired and hot....and sometimes sore. But it's been fine besides that. Sometimes things get a little frustrating (flaky people) and stuff, but it's fine. There hasn't been danger so far or anything and I haven't gotten hurt or anything like that. Don't worry. I'm not hiding things from you.  

2.  How are you getting along with your companion?
We get along great. It's fine so far. It's a party in Zadar.  

3.  How is the branch going?
All right. Like I said, we had 10 members at church.
4.  What is your favorite thing to eat there?
There's a place called surf and fries in Center where you get a big thing of fries and they have a bunch of different sauces. We've been there a couple of times. But Sandwiches are usually the main thing....or top ramen. It's universal I guess and cheap is cheap.  

5.  Are you having to eat more seafood since you are on the coast?
I haven't had any yet. I had more in Karlovac than here....just the lignje (calamari) on Good Friday and nothing since then.  

6.  Would you vacation there if you weren't on a mission?
Uh...maybe. Dubrovnik, Sibenik, and Split are bigger cities and more touristy (also more expensive) so I might hit those cities first, but I wouldn't mind hanging in Zadar. There are a lot of things to do as tourists that we can't do as missionaries. Pretty much all the stuff at night and everything involving water. They have big island excursion boats that take you to different beaches and stuff and they look like a lot of fun. They also have a lot of different boat tours and we saw people parasailing today. 

7.  Are you eating enough?
Yeah. We have plenty. But we must do more walking here or something, because I'm dropping a little weight....not a problem or anything, but maybe like 7-9 pounds since I got here. My suit jacket is getting to be a little baggy.  

It's okay that you went to Raising Cains. I've had KFC twice now, so we're almost even. I heard that they had good chicken, but I heard that their sweet tea tastes like lake water compared to Chicken E....I’ll take other peoples' word for it because I wouldn't know, and you wouldn't either. 

So funny story, but I don't have time to type it out so it's copied and pasted from Mollie's email: 

A dog bit my companion this last week. Don't worry. It was a little white terrier. A Baka (grandma) was walking around with a leash in her hand and a little dog was running around like crazy. She was trying to put a leash on it, but it wouldn't stop running, and she couldn't bend over far enough to put it on, so she asked Elder Marks if he could do it. So he said yes and took the leash in one hand and grabbed the dog's collar with the other hand. Well, the dog snarled, turned around and bit the arm that was holding the collar. He let go, and said "Hej! The dog bit me!" (he was bleeding a little bit) She looked at him, and said "no...." He repeated himself, but she wouldn't believe him. She just looked at him and said, "Well, can you try again?" We told her no and that we were sorry. We then went to an investigators house for a lesson and he cleaned Elder Marks's arm with some homemade moonshine that he had in the fridge.....we found out from the mission nurse that it was a bad idea, but oh well. We saw the lady with the dog when we left the lesson, and we asked her if the dog had rabies shots, she said yes....and my companion hasn't started foaming yet, so I'll believe her. And don't worry. If he needs a blood transfusion, I'm o negative (universal donor) and we have pen tubes, tape, straws, bags, sewing needles, and rubber bands in the apartment, so we can perform it no problem....we also have soap, so we can be safe. 

I better get going. Love you all and hope you have a great week!


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