Monday, March 12, 2012

Serbian and Slovene sound cool over the phone!

This is Dore (his mother) here...

Around 12:30 pm P.J. called us!!! Hooray!!! We spoke with him for about 2 hours. He sounded soooo good and happy! We begged him to say some stuff for us in either Serbian or Slovene and he sounded awesome. Of course, he told us he sounded like someone just learning the language, but it sounded good to us. He told us he would be traveling for about 10-11 hours to Paris, then from there he goes to Croatia.

Funny story...well, not really funny to us but....I was on the phone with an old friend ("old" as in we have known each other for a looooong time-hi Dawn!) tonight when Phil's phone rang. Thinking it was work related because Phil's phone always rings incessantly, it was ignored. Phil came down, checked his voice mail and told me to get off the phone right away because he thought P.J. was trying to call us again. I quickly hung up right on time to get a voice message. SERIOUSLY??? I missed a 3rd call?? He called to let us know that 45 minutes into his flight the windshield of the plane cracked (has anyone EVER heard of this happening??) and they had to go back, burn off about 1 1/2 hours of fuel circling, and then had to land and reload on another plane. So...he'll be getting to Paris much later than planned. It will be interesting to find out later how that affected connecting flights.

Odd thought I had....they really let these guys travel international without an adult?? Before someone reminds me that they are adults, which I know they are, technically, just take a look at a nineteen year-old guy and tell me they look like adults. P.J. said it was weird to be traveling that far without parents or chaparones. Ahhh...the life of a sheltered kid. They are traveling in a group of three sister missionaries and three elders. The highlight of his day (besides talking to his family) was eating at Subway. Hope they ate a will be a long time before they have another American meal.

He had nothing but positive things to say about his companions and the sisters (which is amazing in and of itself-one always hears nightmare-companion-stories) and overall the MTC was a very good experience for him. He is looking forward to finding out where he will be serving, and so are we.

P.J. told us there was a package on its way here with pictures so hopefully we will get them and I will post them during the next week. Any bets that we will be the only family not to get the cheesy requisite MTC photo of the Elder pointing on the map to the country where he will serve (or one of him holding his scriptures)? Any bets that someone's going to be offended that I labeled those photos as cheesy? Ah well...cut me some slack...we missed phone call #3....

To end on a positive note....There's nothing better than to hear your kid tell you he loves you when you haven't heard him vocally for two months (is that all??? How will we make it for 22 more months?!?).

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