Sunday, March 25, 2012

I lost the bet....and other pictures

~Dore here...remember when I called this type of picture "cheesy?"....well...secretly I'm glad he included one. The next few are in P.J.'s words...

District 14-A~We're all crazy!

My tags and Cyrillic materials. Like my Serbian Orthodox Bible? Book with a cross in the MTC...AWESOME!

Missionary humor #1-gotta love it!

Close up of tags and Preach My Gospel

Yes, I'm 4 yrs old...We were trying to make ourselves excited about the switch. I think it worked!

The Serbs! Not sure what's going on- That's a Serbian scarf and flag.

So...even though he is doing a serious thing...isn't it nice to know they can all goof off and have some fun, too? Makes a mom happy....

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