Friday, February 8, 2013

And the Elder goes to.......


Hey Family!
Please prepare yourself for my last email from the wonderful town of Zadar, Croatia...or just Croatia in general! So I have to be a little short today. I'll email more later if I have more time...if I don't say it all right now. I don't have a whole lot of time because we are taking the ferry out to the island for one last time and we are going to hike the mountain on it with the sisters and the senior couple. 

So that part that you must be dying for! So, drum roll please....I am leaving Zadar on Wednesday after 6.5 months of being here....Elder A is leaving as well. Zadar is going to be without Elders for the next little while, which should be interesting. So I will be going to TUZLA, BOSNA I HERZEGOVINA!!!!...or Тузла, Босна и Херзеговина (my  cryllics need a miracle. I feel like I'm four when I read's so slow) So ya, I'm in the process of canceling my visa. Well, Elder A is making his way up to Varaždin, Croatia (north of Zagreb). Elder A C  (my friend/home teacher from BYU) is coming with me to Tuzla. I'm pretty excited. I think it'll be different and fun. 

So we leave on Wednesday. We are driving up with the senior couple, who have a conference there this weekend, and then we catch our busses. I'm not looking forward to that drive. Everyone says that Bosnian roads are pretty bad and it's a 6-7 hour bus ride...and I still have to pack. The cool thing is that we get a new apartment and we get to buy everything to furnish it...well it has furniture, but we can get counter top appliances, a vacuum and stuff like that. We get to buy it and get it reimbursed. I just hope that this apartment has an air conditioner. If it doesn't, I'm moving right away. We get a decent allowance for housing, which will get a pretty nice place in most cities over here, but I can picture a senior couple, or another set of missionaries looking at an apartment and saying "Ah, this is good enough...and it's cheap!" But that won't fly....We'll move if we have to. I'm tired of living in a freezing cold, mold covered, every drain in the bathroom clogged torture chamber. I'm gonna live somewhere nice in Tuzla, even if I have to kill someone to get it. But ya...I don't really know much about Tuzla. I'm hoping that I finally get to try horse there.  

So the plaque looks really good. You must think I'm really uptight or something ;)...."  Before you tell me…yeah…I know the official name is Bosnia and Herzegovina, but hey…no one is perfect, right?" You act like I'm hard to please, or something like that ;). 

(Very poor pic of his new plaque hanging in the foyer at church)

So ya, that letter from Grandma didn't send. I have a cool thank you card for her that should be getting there sometime in the future. That's cool that Mollie won a suck up award. Tell her that I say congrats. 

Ya, I'm thinking about staying until my official release date, which oddly enough is one year from today! So I officially have one year left on my mission! I just realized that! That's so nuts! 

I'm so excited for Brianne. I can't wait until I hear where she goes. Do you have any guesses? I talked to Elder B on the phone. He said that his sister gets her call on Wednesday! 

So I've gotta go, but just to give you something to think about, I know I made fun of you all the time for being a counselor, but I've been thinking about it, and I think it would be super cool to be United States Navy or Army Chaplain.....I'm being serious.....just a last minute note to scare you! I love you a lot!


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