Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Staying in Zadar, blue tongue, and holding a suit together with tape...

 ~P.J. in a niche at the cathedral? I don't know why this struck me as funny~

So hopefully this email will be a decent one. I know they've been a bit skimpy for the last few weeks. So just to let you know, I've uploaded some pictures to shutterfly. They are from Zagreb, and today....They are in the Zagreb cathedral, Sv. Donat Cathedral here in town (the one from the 8th century or something), and the cool graffiti that we pass on the way to the church...and a picture of the church building. I realized that you didn't have one yet.

~The Church building in Zadar or Zagreb (I think...)~

So everything is going pretty well here. A little tired. Not really looking forward to traveling to Zagreb again tomorrow...below is why I'm traveling:

So we got transfer calls last Thursday. I'm going to be staying here in Zadar for another 2 months at least. My new companion is Elder A from Provo, 3rd companion from Utah. He's been out for a year and 2 months. I've never met him before because he's been serving in Serbia for his whole mission so far (in a town called Novi Sad most recently), so I guess he's technically been "Serbing" not "serving"...bud dum ching (drums and cymbal) So things are going to be pretty different for him. But the lucky dog gets to come to the coast. My companion, Elder M, is being transferred to Београд, Србија (Belgrade, Serbia for you American English speakin' folks). He's going to go be a Zone Leader there. Things are going to be weird for him too. Beograd is a huge city....It has 2 million people that live there. That's half the population of all of Croatia and almost as much as the whole population of Slovenia. Supposedly it's kind of like Gotham from Batman. So guess what that means...

Things are lookin' like I'm going to become the First Counselor in the Zadar branch presidency (I think it's a pretty much a done deal). Pretty crazy, huh? Who would've guessed that I would ever be in a branch presidency on my mission? I'm not quite sure about it. It shouldn't be too much to handle. President Perović is super cool and he has a habit of taking the majority of the load onto himself. And just in case you're wondering, I won't be set apart. When I was set apart as a missionary, I was set apart to serve in which ever capacity I was assigned to serve in, so I guess that technically my set apart as a missionary covers this as well. So wish me luck!

Elder C told me about the YouTube video when I saw him in Zagreb...Don't worry. I did get the shirt (supposedly it looks like I didn't...don't worry. I haven't watched it. That's just what I've been told). I just had to get an XL and they were down at the end of the table. It's so random that it was found. How did Sister Gunter find it? Does she know Elder C's mom from when they lived in Mesa? And about the "very visible" statement. I think that that's always the case. It's hard to blend in in these clothes... Sometimes it freaks me out that I'm a missionary, too. It's weird to think that I'm actually one of those people that I've seen all my life. I could never physically picture what I would look like as a missionary or what I would do day to day, because all I've seen are Ft. Worth, Texas missionaries, and it's so different here, so sometimes it's weird to think about the day or to look in the mirror. Especially since I still feel like a normal person. The weirdest part is that everyone around me doesn't think the same thing. 

Oh gosh....How about a nice Skype for Christmas? I honestly can't think of anything. Sorry that this year I'm even harder to shop for than usual. Don't hate me, but I honestly have no clue. Ties would be fine..... I can't think of anything that I need. Maybe some new insoles (Zagreb has an Ecco store, but we didn't get to go into it)...maybe a suit eventually. The tape is still holding the hole shut at the moment, so it can still wait. Don't you just got to love the "missionary repair" attitude? Welcome to the mystical land of missionaries, where tape is a magical substance with the ability to repair and restore any item to it's original "mint" state....I bet you could even patch a bike tire with the right kind....wouldn't really know for sure though. The bikes were stolen 2 months ago and are still missing. I figured that it would be better to wear out the trash suit as much as possible instead of buying a new one right now and wearing it out.......

About sharing the package. I shared some Gatorade powder and some Pez, some of the Kit Kats too...but I don't think the warhead thing is getting passed over. I shared the sour patch kids with multiple people, so I think I'm entitled to all of the warhead powder.... the Velveeta too. It worked out well when we didn't have anything else to eat last Sunday.
~Evidence of the Warhead powder~

I only shot Elder M in the face with rubber bands twice....So I don't think that they are all that distracting. It's not like we're skipping tracting to set up a rubber band gun range...but now that I think about it......Just kidding.  Although we did spend all last week building a race track for the balloon cars you sent me for my birthday...I won. Just kidding again....And if you look on shutterfly you can see how I used one of the punching balloons. I would like to thank Mollie for the original idea.
~This is a frozen Punching balloon ice-ball (with the punching balloon torn off after freezing...not sure what the point was...~

1.  What do you want for Christmas?
Things haven't changed too much from the last paragraph, so unfortunately, I'm still a little clueless.
2.  Anything you are missing that you would like included in the next package (Cheetos, sardines, cricket-in-a-sucker, etc?)-I can get the sucker at the Stockyards, you know…
I think I'll pass on the cricket sucker.
3.  How about a new suit?  Quit being so cheap!
Already addressed that concern....So eventually.....
4.  Bri wants to know if you enjoyed the birthday gifts she sent (the stuff tied together in the package).  
Yes, and I told her about them in her email.
5.  Are you staying well? far. Nah...just kidding. It's all good out here. The tourists are leaving and restaurant prices are dropping....on a side note, the word "restaurant" has always been spelling kryptonite for me and no matter what, every time I type it, I always end up getting chewed out by the red squiggle line....but I managed to spell it right this last time! Whoo hoo. 10 points for me!
6.  Are you guys cooling off yet?
Yes, we got record rainfall/flash flooding, and it's been pretty cool ever since then. It's around 50 in the mornings and it heats up to about 70. It's great. I actually used a sweater the other day in the rain!

Zagreb this last week was pretty cool....You'll have to look at the others' emails because I don't have time to retype. It was a good experience though. Not really lookin' forward to going back tomorrow, but I have a reimbursement to pick up.

Everything is great though. Guess what? I forgot to mention it, but I hit my 8-month mark about a week ago. It's crazy...and Christmas is in what? Like 3.5 months. Pretty cool!

Love you all a bunch!

Love,  P.J.

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