Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Leaving the teen years behind....and some scenery pics

Hello to the family!

Sorry for yet another late email. These Croats are crazy with their holidays. If they can find a way to make a four-day weekend in the summer time so everyone can make a mad dash to the coast, they will. Friday was Anti-Fascist day (I guess they have to have those types of holidays in Europe....) and Monday was Croatian State day/ Day of the Croatian Council.....not exactly sure what it means or how it's celebrated other than the fact that nobody works.

So next bit of news: I am so jealous of Jake. He sent me an email saying, (paraphrased) "you listen to a band called Blind Pilot, right? I can't really remember for sure, but I think I remember you listening to them and stuff....Well anyways, I got to meet Israel Nebeker, the lead singer. He and his parents are in my ward and they invited me and my companion over for dinner." Holy Cow! I am so jealous. Who knew he was a member? Doesn’t completely surprise me. He always looked clean cut and stuff. But crazy, huh? Oh....he's so lucky.

So yeah, the big weird. I'm almost a quarter of the way done with my mission and life..... I have a day and a half left of being a teenager. Then I have to be all mature and stuff...Because being a missionary doesn't require me to behave myself or anything. It's a bit of a shame. I wanted to do all the teenagery type stuff for the next day and a half, but I’m too hungry to develop an eating disorder, I don’t know any stupid people to get into a train wreck of a relationship with, I have no homework to not complete, I don't have a car to wreck, and no parents to get all angsty with. So what am I supposed to do?

But yeah, I think this will be a pretty low-key birthday this year. We don’t really have any way to celebrate it. To tell you the truth, I keep forgetting that it's even coming up. It just doesn’t really seem important this year. huh....weird. 

And I might think of being a writer, but being professionally poor for the rest of my life doesn't sound like the most appealing thing in the world.

So I just started uploading some pictures to Shutterfly. The pictures are some the medieval fair and Zagreb last Wednesday. The meeting there was way good. We talked about new ways to receive referrals from the people that we're already working with and then we also talked about working with less actives and trying to reactivate people...because here in Karlovac we have about 20-25 active, but 60+ on paper. And for lunch we had some way good food....but it makes me quite the Benedict Arnold (having worked for Chicken Express in his previous life~Dore). We had KFC brought in. It was so good and so American. And then after the meeting, we had some time because we missed the first bus back, so we took a quick tram to the center of town and saw the buildings and stuff there and then we went up and saw St. Mark’s church...the one with the colored tile roof. It was so cool. And tons of Asians....everywhere. It's such a big place, Zagreb, compared to Karlovac. And the center was so cool… tons of old buildings and the old, narrow cobblestone streets. It's a cool place.

So it was pretty warm here the last week or so. it was freaking hot, but my strategy works. We found a song on a cd, and if you play it while dancing around like a lunatic, it rains the next day...every time. It's freaky how well it works. So we did the dance Sunday night, and it cooled down yesterday and then stormed yesterday afternoon. So it was still cool this morning, but it's back to the heat today. And we are officially into summer now. Oh...the heat!

I saw the "do something fun on your birthday" part and just told Elder B**** that we have to go to Venice on Thursday. He agreed. So I'm looking forward to that now. Totally just kidding. ;)

So everything has been going well this week. Well...kind of. We placed 5000 flyers for English class...had sign-ups for class on Saturday and 3 people showed up....oh well. We'll work with them and see what happens.

Nothing else major to report. I appreciate the birthday wishes and hope the best for all ya'll. Well, until next week, when your 20-year-old son emails you again,


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